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Safeguarding “unity” and “uniqueness” in Israeli society

What We Can Learn From Nature

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Posted by The Egotist on Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Education Ministry said the theme of this school year will be safeguarding both “unity” and “uniqueness” in Israeli society. “The state education system is home to all Israeli students. I am the education minister of 2.3 million students of all varieties: Jews, Arabs, Druze, Circassians, religious, secular, ultra-Orthodox — they’re all my children,” Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) said in a statement. He said this year’s theme was chosen in light of “increasing polarization” in Israeli society, which he said could be addressed through education.

He did not address what he believed to be the cause of that polarization. (Times of Israel).

What is the cause of division in Israeli society?

Our growing egos. Clearly, human relations are not what they used to be when people living in the same village could see how dependent they were on one another. Today the world has become like a small global village, but all these screens give us the illusion that we are fully independent and free from dealing with other human beings.

Rather than using technological advances to isolate ourselves from society, we should be using our hyper-connectivity to understand that we have every opportunity to truly unite humanity above time, space and movement – elements that limited the progress of previous generations.

So what is really at stake here? We can either use the addition to our ego to strengthen humanity and contribute in a positive manner to the whole, or use the extra ego to do things for yourself. Which do you think will feel better?

Ultimately we will figure out the hard way that if we are part of an integral system, and we are not contributing, then we are actually harming the system.

Imagine how beneficial it would be for us to be genuinely concerned for others? To exist in an environment where we relate to other people the same way we relate to our children? Imagine how easy it would be to make a living and educate our children in a world where we are all competing at doing more for others.

So what should our kids be learning in school? What is all this Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality trying to convey to us? That we can exist on a completely different level than the egoistic one we currently exist on, where we are actually the only element out of sync with nature. Yes, that’s right – us humans. The animals and plants are not harming anything.

Only humans take far more than they need to survive and intentionally harm others and enjoy it. Learning to use our ego for good rather than bad, and even adding game-like competitive aspects, is a challenge kids can get very excited about.

Paying attention to the signs

All the signs are showing us how we can advance to a better way of life, and all it would really require is a shift in attitude.

In we zoom out to the big picture, we will see that Rosh Hashanah presents an opportunity like no other. It represents the beginning of change in man.

The world is on the verge of a great transformation. People are searching for a new approach to life at a time when each of us appears to be a completely independent entity – a small world. Yet the future of the world depends on us changing. This is not about changing how we interact with technology or the world at large, but rather how we relate to other humans.

The engine of human development is desire, which completely shapes our reality. Our growing egoism shows us a world in crisis, and how the human ego has brought us to a dead end.

The positive path to change is a nation-wide educational process for raising awareness about our growing ego, and how it can be directed to good.

The virtual world is simply preparing us for our new perception of reality, which involves connecting the various elements in reality to discover the single force operating everything.

A small change in the human desire can generate a great change in the world, and youngsters are especially open and receptive to this process.

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