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Safety for Jews in the Diaspora

Antisemitic demonstrations have been happening in the latest weeks all over the world, including the United States, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Australia etc. at the wake of the Israeli War. They are not surprising to Diaspora Jews though. The Jew-hatred that abounds in the world is not something new to these Jewish communities.

My non-Jewish friends told me that they expected such horrific marches to happen only in countries with a predominantly Muslim population, such as Turkey, Jordan, Indonesia, Pakistan etc., where they have also been taking place. And Russia’s Dagestan, where an enormous lynch mob sieged an airport and a plane and nearly murdered the Jewish and Israeli passengers on board while shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

Do not get this wrong. These are not marches for peace. Demonstrators want anything but peace and are calling for the elimination of the Jewish State and the murder of Jews, all Jews. They praise Hitler and shout that he should have “finished the job”, the final solution. They preach jihad and carry not only Palestinian flags, but also flags and other paraphernalia pertaining to terrorist organizations such as Hamas and ISIS. These are antisemitic demonstrations beyond any doubt. It was shocking to see how their chants also targeted in general the United States and other countries in which the very demonstrators live in the civilized world. An Englishman was filmed recoiled, been separated from a mob of protesters by the police, simply because he dared have an English flag in his own country. Jewish homes are being marked with a Star of David in Berlin.

Those supporting these antisemitic demonstrations in any manner whatsoever know what they are doing and are responsible for their actions. No complacency should be allowed in the current circumstances because they strive for a dark future for the entire world – the Jews are only the beginning. Those with ISIS and Hamas flags and those calling for the elimination of the State of Israel and the Jewish people must be arrested and prosecuted for support of terrorism and/or hate crime, as the case may be, in the strictest way.

This should not be such a challenging situation for most civilized countries in which these criminal demonstrations are happening. After all, the enemy is within these nations and their authorities too have long been aware of the fear in which their Jewish citizens live. But these authorities have been excessively lenient, complacent and, therefore, accomplices of the Jew-hating crowd. Remember the infamous judgment in the case of the cruel murder of elderly Sarah Halimi Z”L, HY’D, by a man shouting “Allahu Akbar” that was not deemed criminally responsible due to his use of cannabis. Consider that, as per the orders of the head of the Metropolitan Police, London police refused to arrest a protester calling for jihad in these circumstances because in his view jihad has a number of meanings. Complacency is complicity.

As mentioned, this complacency, complicity of the West is being horrendously applied to the current antisemitic demonstrations. Their leaders decline to acknowledge that each government that allows terrorists to march calling for the death of Jews and in support of terrorist organizations is equally guilty. These leaders interfere directly and detrimentally with the safety of Jews overseas and visiting Israelis and strengthen those aligned with the thoughts of these terrorist organizations, increasing the vicious cycle of hatred and urge for death.

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Governments and their members in all branches must be held accountable for their ultimate complicity in any atrocities against the Jewish people in the Diaspora and visiting Jews resulting from these unacceptable demonstrations.

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Aharon Gottlieb is a lawyer by profession, who has also learned Psychology. He has a special interest in the interwoven areas of national and international security, intelligence, defense and foreign policy. He writes about life in Israel and current events that are relevant to Israel and the Jewish people. In early 2018, Aharon immigrated to Israel, which has added further meaning to his life.
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