Salad from Gaza back on shelf

I was sad to hear that Israel started letting Azza sell vegetables to Israel last week, after eight years.

It reminds me of the Transfer Agreement the Jewish Agency set up with the Nazi Regime from 1933 to 1939, allowing some 20,000 wealthy German Jews to transfer their assets to Palestine by buying German goods. The Nazis, with Hitler’s approval, held to the deal to the end, because it allowed them to thereby deflate the economic boycott on Germany being waged by the rest of World Jewry.

Maybe our restaurants and deli counters should add a new item to their menu: Hamas Salad. Add some potassium sorbate and a dash of PC and call it “Peace Salad“. Or try the Left’s Chef’s Choice: Tomato with Abu Mazen Mayo. Or the tried and true House Salad with Thousand Rocket Dressing.

I am going to contact my supermarket and see if they are selling the Gaza Produce. If they are, or do, I am going to stand outside with a sign informing shoppers of that fact. I encourage you to do the same.

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Jerusalem resident.
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