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In the wake of a new wave of boycotts, calls for condemnation and suggestions of even harsher measures, Israel has been suffering from a decline of sympathies not only of politicians and lawmakers across the globe, but also among general populations which are starting to become outspoken anti-Zionists. While Jews quiver at the thought of this term and are immediately reminded of the German mentality less than a century ago, supporters claim that to be anti-Zionistic does not mean that one is anti-Semitic, but much rather fed up with the Israeli government and the unjust treatment of the Palestinians who were expelled from their land with the inauguration of the state of Israel.

Zionism is not easily described. It is, much like the Jewish religion, a dynamic term and depends on the context and era it is referenced in. At its first use in the late nineteenth-century it expressed the wish and hope for the Jewish people to be granted their own homeland in which they could prosper, free of discrimination and persecution. 120 years later this dream is a blatant reality and Israel, on the map for almost seven decades, serves as a home and safe haven for Jews from all over the world. But sadly, the creation of the State was not the successful completion and realization of the religious and political movement that Zionism stood for. Instead of joyous celebrations, peaceful existences and the beginning of a new chapter of a respected and recognized Jewish homeland, Zionism was forced to adapt and evolve into a new dream and new hopes for the future. A dream of peace in one’s own home, without having to fear annihilation through one of its countless enemies.

Anti-Zionism, by definition, opposes everything which Zionism stands for. Simply put, if a Zionist wishes to see a flourishing, accepted and respected State of Israel, a safe place where Jews can leave history’s cruel and continuously disgraceful treatment of its kind behind and focus on building the future, the anti-Zionist denies him this right. He denies the right of the Jewish state to exist, he denies the right of Jews to live in dignity and ultimately, if it were within his power, he would probably deny the Jew in its entirety.

While it is clear that Zionism is nothing else than the Jewish equivalent of nationalism, it is rather peculiar (or not) that there is no anti-nationalistic movement for any other country in this world. Ironically, it is ethically corrupted institutions like the UN and its subsidiaries, which were formed to prevent baseless hatred and intolerance in the first place, that bring the new and improved, now global, form of anti-Semitism to the populations doorstep by endlessly condemning the Jewish states for crimes it did not commit while real tyrants abuse and torture millions of innocent people worldwide day in and out. This absurdity goes even further when one realizes that these same violators of human dignity enjoy the benefits of possessing a seat of honour at this gruesome table that calls itself the preserver of world peace. It is questionable whether the herds of ignorant epigones who follow the blind and false arguments which lead to anti-Zionism are consequent enough to follow their train of thought until the end and therefore realize what the final solution (Endlösung) to the movement they advocate would look like.

We live in historic times. While one of the greatest questions that has dominated Judaism since the 2nd world war is how the Lord almighty could let such fallacies befall his chosen, the world has been asking itself how entire nations could stand by and even participate in the brutal murder of millions of people. Too blind are they to realize that their practices today are beginning to resemble those of pre-war times, just under a euphemism induced new name.

Rationalism is the anti-Semite’s, nay, the anti-Zionist’s, greatest enemy. No logic, no reality and no facts will open his eyes. But he must not be allowed to practice his deceitful, ignorant and hateful ways under the fake and hypocritical pretext of love and compassion. There was no love and compassion when the Nazis claimed to protect their species. And there is definitely no love and compassion when the world tries to push the Jews into the sea.

About the Author
Uriel Bollag is an uncategorized Jew, who was born and raised in Switzerland and now lives in sunny Tel Aviv. He is an unconditional adherent of constructive critical thinking and believes the world is a dynamic place in which there is no room for stagnancy.
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