Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


People walk around confused. So many things are happening. So many different and sometimes opposite messages and viewpoints are showered to them from social and mainstream media, and from family and acquaintances.

We walk from one place to the next, hoping that we can accomplish things. Hoping that what we accomplish is useful and constructive.

We wonder what our purpose is. Why we were born. Do we have an important mission or missions to achieve?

It’s almost as if we are left to figure it out. Sometimes we have guidance that we feel is reliable. Often we need to just stop and think, in a quiet room, to try to analyze what we’ve done till now, what we should do in the future.

What an interesting situation we’re in. Quite a challenge.

The Jewish people are referred to as “mekadshei shimecho” — we sanctify G-d’s name. How? By reminding the world that there is a G-d. By being a role model, maintaining our loyalty to Him — for thousands of years.

We were dispersed throughout the world, and despite tremendous challenges, we taught the world that we sanctify His Name.

We taught the world, that there is a G-d in this world.

And very soon, G-d will show the entire world, all nations, that He brought all Jews back to Israel with Moshiach. And then the entire world will know and internalize His greatness. Forever.

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