Barry Shaw

Sarah Margon Personifies the US-Israel Divide

Determination and talent led Sarah Margon to the pinnacle of the post-liberal world, until she hit the hard ceiling of truth and reality.

She said the right things, made the right friends, showed her ability, and rose up the progressive ladder. In her case, promoting human rights issues that helped her become a prominent political advisor in the new Democratic world.

One of her spheres of “expertise” was advising the US Government, initially the Obama Administration, now the Biden Administration, in adopting crisis management in conflict zones.

She wrote briefings, advanced training and “critically important professional training development” to be better prepared for conflict prevention, “given the increasing regularity with which political instability can emerge anywhere in the world.”

Margon is a progressive theorist, a political advisor that people in positions of power turned to for advice. People like Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, whose Libya disaster led to the assassination of President Ghaddafi and the death of a US Ambassador and his security team by “some people upset by an amateur video.”

That was the excuse Clinton gave for the murder of Ambassador Stephens when Margon’s theory of how to deal with political instability failed and Islamic terrorists, caught up in the overthrow the Ghaddafi regime, and determined to show their hatred of the United States, stormed the under-protected Benghazi compound and murdered Ambassador Stephens and members of his inadequate security team. Inadequate, because beefing security was not a high enough priority for progressive experts promoting deconfliction as part of their conflict management philosophy.

Or, as Hillary Clinton described it, “With the right tools, training, and leadership, our diplomats and development experts can defuse crises before they explode.”

Clinton was dead wrong. Sarah Margon was dead wrong. Dead, as in Stephens, Sean Smith, and two CIA operatives, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods.

Sarah Margon wrote it all starts with training when applying crisis prevention in US foreign policy affairs.

Perhaps that was what led Obama to call ISIS “the JV team.” Or by drawing an imaginary red line in the Syrian sand. Or hope an emerging crisis would disappear by playing nice to the Mad Mullahs of Tehran and their messianic nuclear ambition by sweet-talking them and bribing them with planeloads of cash. Or by showing sympathy to the unrepentant divided and corrupt Palestinian leadership by adopting their cause, projecting their false grievances as legitimate, and rewarding them with money which flowed into private Palestinian pockets or to reward their killers, all the while pointing the accusatory finger at Israel.

This is what progressive policy advisors like Sarah Margon do, in the name of human rights.

She recommended increasing USAID to pump up the Hamas economy thereby strengthening their control of Gaza and increasing their influence over Arabs living under the corrupt and inept leadership of the aging Mahmoud Abbas, rather than using her expertise to get this internationally designated terror organization removed from power as a prelude to a better future.

Isn’t this what crisis management in conflict zones is supposed to do? Make changes that could lead to a more peaceful future, rather than maintain the failed status quo?

Instead, misguided experts like Sarah Margon perpetuate the problem.

Proof of this is written in the published thesis of Sarah Margon’s Crisis Management 2.0.

“Ensure USAID participates in all US terrorist destinations,” under the heading “Cutting the US Budget is a Bad Idea.”

Cutting the budget of a divided, recalcitrant, violent, corrupt, double-headed Palestinian leadership is not an option for Sarah Margon. On the contrary, she wants the United States not only to given them more, despite their evident ongoing hatred of Jews and Israel. And she does it claiming that turning off the money spigot would hurt America at home and abroad.

Speaking as someone from Netanya who has seen Palestinian terror up close and personal, Israelis need a break from Margon’s progressive/regressive ideas.

Sarah Margon gives them love and money. We die.

Sarah Margon actually believes that counter terrorism measures, whether operated by the United States or by Israel, get in the way of her overseas humanitarian activities. She really believes that throwing money at regimes that incite and perpetuate terror, such as Hamas and the PLO-PA, is a human rights cause worthy of financial support and a preferred course of action.

I guess she can always blame Israel when the results of her failed ideas result in even more terror, even more deaths on both sides of the conflict.

Israel is, for her, a roadblock and must be censored.

Sarah Margon, a Jewish nominee for the lead position on human rights in the Biden-Blinken State Department, found opposition in James Risch, a Republican senator, who objected to her promotion due to her unacceptable positions against Israel.

Following her stated policies of throwing more money at the terror-supporting corrupt Palestinian leadership, expressing public sympathy for Palestinians while supporting boycotts on Jews living legally in Judea & Samaria, the progressive Margon found her path to a cherished position blocked by the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee after she had been nominated by President Biden.

Margon withdrew her nomination.

Sarah Margon is the personification of the post-liberal Jewish community in America that has adopted their own version of critical race theory by promoting themselves as champions of the weak and oppressed at the expense of their co-religionists in America and in Israel who are under increasing attacks by the very minorities they support.

This false notion of a secular pseudo-Tikun Olam purifies anti-Jewish haters as victims while projecting Israel and Israelis as oppressors and occupiers.

This is why a perceived human right champion, Sarah Margon, got rejected to the post she most cherished.

But don’t cry for Sarah.  She will continue to have an illustrious career either as a Democrat political advisor or as a highly paid executive at Human Rights Watch, with Amnesty International, or any other anti-Israel organization where they honor people like her.

About the Author
Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He is also the author of ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism,' '1917. From Palestine to the Land of Israel, 'BDS for IDIOTS,' and his latest work 'A Tale of Love and Destiny,' the dramatic life of a Jewish heroine.