Sarsour & Farrakhan are the face of anti-Semitism

Per a recent press release from the ADL, anti-Semitism is on the rise in America. While it’s painful for me to agree, they are right — it’s on the rise. Hatred towards Jews is growing because anti-semites like Linda Sarsour and Louis Farrakhan are given free will to tee off against the Jewish people without any recourse and to the praise of groups like Jewish Voices for Peace. Make no mistake,  the picture above is the face of American anti-Semitism in 2018.

Sarsour has contistently criticized Jews for supporting Israel and is one of the strongest voices for the BDS movement. She states that she supports Jews and even released a statement about how upset she was about the Pittsburgh shooting. Interesting. I didn’t see her in Pittsburgh calling for American unity against anti-semitism or in Northern Virginia helping to scrub swastikas off the side of the local JCC.

Her buddy and mentor, Louis Farrakhan calls Jews “the enemy of the people”. He calls us stupid, evil and most recently, he referred to us as termites. What do you with termites? You exterminate them. So let’s be very clear here, when Farrakhan says he isn’t Anti Semitic, he’s Anti-Termite – he is openly calling for the extermination of the Jewish people.

Where is the backlash and outrage from the leadership of the Democratic Party like Hillary Clinton or Tom Perez or Keith Ellison. Why haven’t they condemned Farrakhan and Sarsour? What’s stopping them???

What happens to Democrats like Sarsour and Farrakhan when they spew this hate to their followers in person and online? NOTHING.

The last couple of months have been extremely difficult for the Jewish-American community. We are mourning the loss of 11 Jewish-Americans from the Pittsburgh community – may their memories be a blessing and may we never forget them. Swastikas and Nazi Germany flags have been spray painted on local synagogues and Jewish Community Centers over the last couple months. Over the summer here in Philadelphia, a city cleaning crew was called out to the South Street bridge to scrub away the words “Fuck Jews”.

We, Jewish-Americans, are being targeted. This is nothing new for us. I refuse to accept that we are being targeted by anti-semites like Farrakhan and Sarsour here in America and in Israel by groups like Hamas & Hezbollah (who are backed by Iran).

The time is always right for us to unite as Jewish Americans. We can never be afraid to speak up and we will NEVER back down in fighting anti-semitism. When will the rest of the country join us instead of supporting radicals like Sarsour and Farrakhan? I hope that day comes sooner rather than later.

About the Author
Bryan E. Leib was born in Philadelphia and resides in New York, NY. Currently, Bryan is the Act.IL Program Manager for the Israeli-American Council in New York. In 2018, he was the one of the youngest Jewish-American Congressional Candidates as the Republican Candidate for PA-03 (Philadelphia County) He is the former Treasurer of the Philadelphia Young Republicans and is currently serving as a Board Member of the Young Friends of the National Museum of American Jewish History. He is also a member of the Jewish National Fund-USA Speakers Bureau. The opinions expressed here are his and not representative of any organizations he is affiliated with. Follow him on Twitter: @LeibforPA
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