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Saudi Arabia makes the case for confederation

Today I received an email from a friend and fellow activist;

Is this true?

Biden rejects Saudi plan for Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine

What follows is my reply;

It is true, but what is “it”?

Look at the article which sets out the Saudi Plan.

The Palestinian problem can only be solved today if it is redefined. The issue in this day and age for people should be not so much the ownership of ancestral land but more the critical need to have a legal identity—a globally respected citizenship that allows a person to operate in the modern world. Labor in this day and age is mobile and having citizenship in a country that facilitates such mobility is critical to human development.

“The most logical vehicle for this redefinition and hence for the solution to the Palestine problem is the kingdom of Jordan. Over the last seventy-five years, Jordan has developed into a relatively well-governed state, although the impact of regional political turmoil has caused it to fail economically and become heavily reliant on foreign aid for its survival. It is this Jordanian governance infrastructure that needs to be captured and put to productive use in integrating the millions of Palestinians and Jordanians into a modern, reasonably well-functioning state that would, in an era of real peace and economic integration with Jordan’s neighbors, have a much higher chance of growth and prosperity.

That is what the Jordan Option is about. So the Saudi Plan reiterates what I have been saying. That’s a good thing. This Plan calls for a confederation. It was rejected by Jordan and by Biden. That article explains why it was rejected in the past;

“This illusion of “return” has served some Arab regimes’ interests by giving them a powerful excuse to avoid integrating Palestinian refugees as citizens, particularly in Lebanon and even Jordan, both of which have millions of disenfranchised Palestinians in their camps. These regimes feared that these refugees-cum-citizens would alter their demographics and threaten their ruling order. Consequently, the excuse given was that since the Palestinians would eventually return to Palestine, giving them citizenship would technically undermine their “right of return” and hence they should be denied citizenship. Palestinian leaders actively colluded in perpetuating this tragedy.”

I have posted many articles discussing it.

Essentially, the Saudi Plan puts the confederation in play and makes the case for it. So far, so good.

There are two ways the JO differs from it is in where the western border will be and whether the new entity is a kingdom or a republic. Mere details.

The JO requires it to be a republic with its western border being the Jordan River.

Stay tuned.

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