Saudi can’t survive without the US?

In recent years, more people around the word say lots of things about Saudis’ behavior toward United States. But now the policy has changed and this contradiction has come inside Saudi Arabia.

Let’s talk more clearly, after President Trump had come to his office he has asked more money from Saudi’s government, this has caused some inappropriate comments among Arab people.

After Khashoggi death some politicians like Bob Menendez oppose to Trump and Said: it’s better for Trump to open his eyes and make better reaction.

Senator Bob Menendez and senator Bob Corker and Tulsi Gabbard member of the Congress have criticized Trump and ask him that America should put some sanction against Saudi.

After short while some Twitter activists in United States oppose them and support Trump for his beneficial policy against wealthy Saudis.

Then some activist in Saudi Arabia and some activist out side of this country broadcasted belief of American people about Saudi and their money.

But some other activist does not believe that and they say we need America and America is one the our best allies.

At the end believe it or not Saudi pay more money to the US and America spend those money to save itself but beside that the most of people know that Saudis can’t be survived without America.

About the Author
Elnaz Sotoodeh is from Tehran. She is an English translator for several news websites.