Save The Jerusalem Hills

We stand at a moment of truth for the future of Jerusalem.  Some of you may have heard of the planned building project  in Lavan Ridge in West Jerusalem. However, this  is only a small slice of the frightening truth; the building on Reches Lavan is just the tip of the iceberg.  There already are plans for many other building projects in the area, all of which  threaten the existence of Jerusalem’s nature. We are facing a reality in the near future of being a city surrounded by expensive  neighborhoods instead of green hills. 

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are dependent on the nature surrounding Jerusalem. It is vital for our health, as trees absorb the city’s pollution and purify the air we breathe. The natural springs in this area that are  in danger of being destroyed, are the only water source sustaining  the rich wildlife found within the forest. The nature in the  Jerusalem Hills is a unique ecological system that may not survive the massive building. 

In an age where we face  the aftermath of irreversible environmental damage, let us not be  the ones who stand on the sidelines and allow for  the last remaining forests to be eliminated. Once  these hills are destroyed, we have no hope of getting them back. While trees will be planted within the city, urban greenery is not a substitute for a longstanding  ecological system. 

The springs surrounding the city are at the core of Jerusalem culture. While many things divide us, sitting in Ein Lavan on a Friday afternoon brings us together. Families, teenagers, couples and hikers find peace and refuge in the springs and forests. Together with our voices combined, we can make a difference. 

I am very aware of the housing shortage in Jerusalem. In light of that, urban renewal should be encouraged  not by building outwards  and destroying all that is in our path, but rather by developing the city from within.  The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel published a report in 2019 reviewing building opportunities inside the city  There are other solutions. 

We need to protect our nature as it protects us. We have proposed that  the hills of Jerusalem be declared a National Park. This will  guarantee the protection of the hills once and for all. Our fight is coming from a place of positivity, not of darkness. We have the opportunity to give back and to show how much we care. We all have the obligation to ensure that our children and grandchildren  have a future in this city. It is our right to demand that our health, economy and culture be taken into consideration. 

This is a time where we get to set the right priorities. Our oxygen is no less important than another neighborhood. Our voice is no less valuable than those of politicians and contractors. 

Please join us by coming to the demonstration, Thursday 25.6 at 16:00 in Givaat Shaul, Beit Hadfus 12. 

You are welcome to contact us at 

If  you are not able to join the demonstration, we would appreciate if you could pass pn the word and join our Facebook page: 

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and send an email to decision-makers by going into the following link: 

Thank you for all your help!

About the Author
Odelya is 16 years old and an eleventh grader at Adam high school. She is a councilor in a youth movement and plays music and creates art in her free time.
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