Saying Tehillim Matters – Miracles Can Happen


Our youngest daughter Tamar phoned me last night to tell me an amazing story about the experience she had a few weeks ago when my friend Yisrael’s daughter came into the Sheitel shop Tamar works at. Yisrael’s daughter just made Aliyah a few months ago and I understood from Tamar she became a Kallah. Yisrael and I go back a long way when we lived in Johannesburg.

Yisrael’s daughter had walked into that shop just by chance since they both did not know each other until then. Well, they both began talking and when Tamar told her that I was her father, Yisrael’s daughter began telling Tamar about Yisrael’s challenge that he had with COVID and that he became very ill. And she was appreciative that I helped with Tehillim.

They started a WhatsApp Tehillim group for him where everyone would choose, in order, the number of Pereks they would say and then the next person would continue until the full 150 Pereks were completed. Then the next book was immediately started.

I found out about it and actively participated in saying as many as I could to help Yisrael have a complete and speedy recovery. It seemed to have worked wonders, because soon Yisrael was feeling better and thanked all of us for davening for him. That was many months ago and I was very happy to hear that Yisrael continues to make a nice recovery.

The Clear Message

The truth is that I heard about this story a few weeks ago just after it took place. But Tamar only remembered to tell me last night. I had intended to write a Blog in response to the activities in Minneapolis. But with Tamar now mentioning my friend Yisrael and his recovery, then I knew I had to tell you about Rabbi Gradnavich and what has taken place since I wrote the May 10 Blog.

At that time, the doctors had summoned the family to his bedside because they gave him a very small chance to survive. Our son Dovid Pinchas also went to his bedside and because he was not suffering from COVID whispered in his ear the same encouragement that he gave Dovid Pinchas when the doctors gave his son and our grandson Simcha Zissel only 2 percent to survive because they could see on the monitor there was no properly formed diaphragm.

Baruch Hashem Simcha Zissel did survive and is a very good learner with good manners.

And we are all thankful to G-d that Rabbi Gradnavich is now making an amazing recovery.

This all proves once again that no matter how dire and difficult any situation is, G-d controls the world. We just must do our part by keeping Torah and doing Mitzvahs.

It is G-d that decides who survives.

Not the doctors.

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