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Seeing the good in each other (and our children) on Yom Kippur

Insights from Reb Shlomo Carlebach, Yom Kippur.

On Chanukah, when the light is shining–the inner light, the inside light–and you know what you need, in order to be blessed by G-d with children. And sometimes we don’t appreciate the Chanukah lights. And you know, G-d forbid, sometimes, G-d doesn’t trust us with children because we don’t know how to look at them.

You know, I don’t want to say anything bad–I’m sure this yeshivah here is the best…but the rest of the day schools I’m not so sure. Or everyone is good. Most of them are good. You know what it takes to be a good teacher? The world thinks a good teacher is someone who disciplines the kids–they’re afraid to move, nebich; he takes away their last ounce of joy. A good teacher is someone who has good eyes. Good eyes. Good eyes. And here I want to share something awesome, deep, with you.

You know, beautiful friends, on Yom Kippur we’re asking for forgiveness. But you know how many scars we have on our soul? So many scars. Imagine I love this girl very much, we had a big fight, and we ask each other for forgiveness. And so we forgive each other. But there’s so many scars left. So many scars left. And you know what it takes to take away the scars? Mamesh, you need one person to look at you with so much love that it would take away the scars. And you know, if we would x-ray each other–ourselves–we would see so many scars. So many scars.

You know, children, every day when they come home from school–I could swear they are full of scars. And you know, if parents have Chanukah eyes, they can take away all the scars. And they’re so glad to be home. And sometimes, nebich, parents don’t have it. And I’m not judging them–because they are full of scars.

Anyway, I want to bless you and me and all of us. You know, On Yom Kippur–it’s our big chance to see each other again–not only our chance to see each other again, it’s our chance to heal each other again, to heal each other again.

So on this Yom Kippur – Let us open our Chanukah Eyes to see the good in each other and our Children to heal those scars.

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