Michael Bloomfield

Sending Love and Solidarity from the Diaspora

Dear Chaverim,

You are our family and we are yours, inextricably linked, heart and soul.  What happened on October 7th broke our hearts too and strengthened our commitment to Israel and the Jewish people.

Yes, there is an alarming rise in hatred against Jews around the world but you must not worry about us. Israel makes us proud and strong and we are doing what we need to do to defend you and ourselves. Most of us here are proud Jews and Zionists.  In the media, the streets and the halls of power we are fighting to make our voices heard above the lies and violent demonstrations supporting Hamas. We are working to keep the hostages very much in the public eye and we are raising money for Israel.

Sadly, there are Jewish Jihadis here too who make our work more difficult by supporting the lies and giving cover to the liars. These darlings of the biased media are trying to turn the world upside down so that Hamas becomes freedom fighters and Israel is the cause of conflict.  We fight their propaganda too with the truth.

We can take care of ourselves and we have friends here who also have been denouncing the attack on Israel and the Jewish people. They support Israel’s right to defend herself. And more and more people are beginning to question the insane post-modern ideology that is rotting western society. It’s maddening to see the results of minds twisted until the truth is relative and terrorism is resistance.

Israel is central to our identity and we diaspora Jews, like you, value life and peace and family. We support you wholeheartedly so don’t hesitate to do what you must do to put Hamas out of business, restore Israel’s security and bring hostages home.  Am Yisroel Chai!

Michael Bloomfield
Victoria, British Columbia Canada
Chanukah 5784

About the Author
Michael Bloomfield's education is in animal science, veterinary science and wildlife biology. His principle organizational ties are Harmony Foundation of Canada where he is the Founder and Executive Director of Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights. He works informally with Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs on much of his advocacy work. Governing Council Global 500 Forum, United Nations Environmental Programme.