Sending wrong message to Tehran, Return to the negotiating table (code name Iran atomic zero hour)

After a joint dinner with the Americans in Brussels, the Europeans sent Josep Borrell to Tehran to once again try the chance of negotiating to reach an agreement. After the resolution of the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency against the regime of the Islamic Republic, this regime increased the rapid pace of its nuclearization, which it obtained thanks to the negotiations at the Vienna table.

In this photo released by the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Enrique Mora, a leading European Union diplomat, second right, attends a meeting with Iran’s top nuclear negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani, third left, in Tehran, Iran, Sunday, March 27, 2022. Mora held talks in Tehran amid hopes that an agreement to restore Iran’s tattered nuclear deal with world powers could be completed. Others are unidetified. (Iranian Foreign Ministry via AP)

17 years ago, an Iranian writer and journalist named Amir reza  Parhalem, in a book titled “Shadow of Eagles”, revealed the secret plan of the US attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. In this book, a phrase has been used frequently “nuclear negotiations with Tehran”, a phrase that was not that much common on that time but now it has become extremely common. At that time, Iran’s nuclear power was much less than what it is at the moment. In that book, the access of the mullahs’ regime to advanced centrifuges was considered as a very dangerous possibility. But today, the Islamic Republic has passed the stage of the same dangerous possibility and is on the verge of reaching a deadly nuclear weapon. They owe a part of this nuclear progress to concealment during the JCPOA and paying ransom to the agents of the International Atomic Energy Agency, whose collusion was exposed a while ago. Now Tehran is not far from reaching the bomb.

Centrifuge machines in the Natanz uranium enrichment facility in central Iran, November 5, 2019. (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran via AP, File)

They have turned off the cameras of The Atomic Agency; created a new secret facilities, and are rapidly shortening the time to acquire the nuclear weapons. Now that is late and the mullahs are on the verge of reaching the atomic bomb, the voice of negotiation has been raised from Tehran. Ebrahim Raisi (President) claims that we will never leave the negotiation table and Amir Abdullahian (Foreign Minister) and Sardar Shamkhani (Chairman of the Supreme National Security Council) are unitedly supporting negotiations and continuation of the talks. Now, Tehran needs money to complete the puzzle of the nuclear bomb, at the same time they need money to strengthen its proxy mercenaries in the Middle East, all of these is confirmed in Ali Shamkhani words in a meeting with Borrell, the head of the European Union’s foreign policy in Tehran, which says: »Our goal in entering into negotiations is to have economic interests. «

A Sterile Proposal Package!

Qatar, a place that brought good luck to the Taliban, now is the place for the new round of negotiations between Iran and its parties. These negotiations happened in a place in which negotiations between the Taliban and the US during the presidency of Ashraf Ghani happened and brought good luck to the Taliban, so that they gained complete domination over Afghanistan. A big shock for the whole world! Now, with the tireless efforts of Rob Mali and Biden, negotiations with Tehran are to be resumed. When the resolution of the Board of Governors of the International Agency was supposed to be issued against Iran, Iran had “overnight” prepared a proposal to prevent the resolution to be issued. Their suggestion was that if it is not possible to remove the IRGC from the terrorist list, at least the Khatam IRGC camp (the economic and lucrative part of this terrorist group) should be removed from the sanctions list. The proposal was met with insignificance, until the Europeans, in a sterile initiative, set up a working dinner meeting with their American counterparts in Brussels. At dinner time, Europe presented Tehran’s rejected proposal to lift the sanctions on the Khatam IRGC camp, and it seems that the Americans told Burrell to go to Tehran and see what guarantee there is that the IRGC’s Khatam camp’s income will be increased if the embargo on this part of the IRGC is lifted. Shouldn’t it be transferred to the Quds Force of the IRGC?

The possibility of this hypothesis is strong because the political and media circles leaked this scandal from the Brussels dinner table. Now a solution is supposed to be found to fill the pocket of IRGC! All the evaluations of the mullahs’ regime’s income from the JCPOA in recent years, have shown that they have not spent even 1 cent of this huge income on the prosperity and people of Iran. They are facing a lot of outstanding demands from their proxies whose fixed fees and salaries have been reduced or is unpaid. While the streets of most Iranian cities are full of hungry people who are protesting on the streets because of economic problems. Despite all these facts, Burrell took the path of Tehran to provide them with an economic opening and listen to the “soothing” statements of political diplomats and the deceitful regime of the mullahs. However, the mullahs keep pretending that nuclear activities are for the production of electricity and energy. Shamkhani (Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council) clearly told Burrell, “We want money.” The meaning of this phrase is quite clear. But Iranian regime had a crooked mouth to this European official, only a few hours after Borrell left Tehran, a ballistic missile called “Zul-Janah” with solid fuel was launched into space. Such actions are a trick of the Islamic Republic regime, which usually does before or after every negotiation; either their mercenary proxies take actions in the region or they themselves extort, assassinate, kidnap or shoot missiles.

Please Push the Turn Off Button!

What benefit can the Qatar negotiations have? This is the question that political analysts ask. Americans and Europeans are moving towards the new JCPOA while the regime of the Islamic Republic has completely departed from the main essence of the JCPOA. Now several weeks have been passed since Iran has shutdown cameras in the official nuclear facilities. They are actually talking about the destruction of Israel and have no sign of fear in expressing these threats. Also, new generation centrifuges have been installed. This is while their installation is illegal. It seems that Europe and America want to pay billions of dollars to the regime of mullahs and ask them to turn off the centrifuges. While even after the release of Iran’s money, the mullahs did not adhere to their commitments and it takes less than a second to turn on the centrifuges again! These days, Tehran talks strongly about negotiations and apparently likes to prolong the negotiations and complete the chain of nuclearization and reaching the bomb. The negotiations that have not made any progress in the last 11 months and are now going to be resumed. The Europeans warned three months ago that the window for a good deal was closing, with no clear future for the Vienna talks and if the Tehran regime reaches a stage where the benefits of the agreement are not equal to its losses, then obtaining an agreement will be practically useless. It seems that the strategy of the Islamic Republic regime is not to limit its nuclear expansionism. Rather, the goal of this evil regime is to advance its nuclear expansionism by constantly flirting at the negotiation table and on the other hand, to blackmail the world with regional evils and harassing its neighbors. As a result, it is clear that the action of Europe and America to resume JCPOA negotiations with Tehran is a definite strategic mistake and conveys this wrong message to the Tehran regime:«The more your nuclear development and your evils in the region increase, the more we fear you and pay you ransom!

About the Author
Hamidreza Zarifinia is an Iranian writer, researcher and journalist in London.

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