Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Serious focused determined

I looked today at a picture of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. I looked at his eyes, and I saw those three traits mentioned above.

Serious. He really wanted every person to live up to their potential. He really wanted the world to achieve its potential for goodness.

Focused. When you met with the Rebbe, his eyes and his whole being were focused on you — only you. I experienced it myself, and I’ve read it in reports from others. And in videos in which people relate this. It was uncanny. Even when the Rebbe gave out dollars for charity, and thousands walked by, many asking for a blessing or advice, you will observe total focus, as the Rebbe tried to help and guide each person.

Determined. He didn’t give up. Every moment counted. His energy and enthusiasm for helping people continued unabated. And his enthusiasm and determination to help us help bring Moshiach sooner, never stopped.

The Rebbe, with wisdom, patience, sensitivity, caring, was a role model in how to help others. The Rebbe wanted peace on earth, where every individual accomplishes goodness, where the entire world sees that G-d is present, in their individual lives, and everywhere, and that everything happens by Divine providence. And that when we tune in to it, we can feel it, experience it, and thereby create a world that is a dwelling place for G-d, and a place of peace and prosperity for all mankind.

The Rebbe saw it in us. This helps to fortify and encourage optimism, confidence that we will achieve what G-d wants us to do.

The key is in our hands. We need only to unlock the door to our potential, and we will bring Moshiach very soon.

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