Sermons of Rebuke: Ki Tisa Excerpts

כי תשא
Shabbat Shalom
H’ grants wisdom to the wise-hearted people, so that they can do the work that is necessary (31:6) ‘And they shall make all that I commanded you.’
Not too many talented people in this shule. H’ grants the craftsman his abilities. I think the last think project done by the adults in this congregation was an arts-n-crafts seat cover…After which, you learned that paper mache hardens. Now there is a seat that nobody can sit on, and it also looks like a balloon…You can’t call Legos construction…There is not one wise-hearted person in this congregation. Yes Bernie, you hired somebody to put up your Sukkah this year…
It is because none of you use anything for positive. H’ grants the wisdom so that they can make all that He commanded, not so that they can score a few days of overtime and get a longer vacation…
(33:15-16) Moshe pleads to Gd and says that ‘unless You are going to lead us, do not bring us forth from here.’
H’ as the leader. Not an angel (according to Rashi- Ramban says that Moshe is asking for H’s nearness along with the angel). Not anything but H.’ Moshe wants H’ to lead us.
All of our problems happened when H’ is not leading us. Look at the Gabbai…And you see the problems this congregation has, with a president that doesn’t even come to shule on Shabbat…We have these idiots leading us…
Yes, Bernie, he is the only one in this congregation that took woodshop class. He is probably at hoping working on his new Popsicle stick project right now….
This is why we had the golden calf in our community. Because we have the wrong leaders. And we are lucky it looked nothing like a golden calf. If any of you had the wisdom to build anything, or any talent, it would have been a reliving of the 40 years in the desert….I have been here for 8..
When we sin and cause H’ to not be in our presence, we went into exile. We lost the wisdom that H’ bestows upon those who are keeping his commandments.
Moshe is praying for H’ to be with the Jews, because that is the only way we can move forward…You cannot move forward with a president who wants to hire a minister to run the Shabbat morning programs…
Are you still drinking Bernie? Purim ended Thursday night. We are not in a walled city…
We can be closer to H’s lead ourselves, if we follow the Torah. Got that in. Dvar Torah is done. Nice.
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Shabbat Shalom
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