Sermons of Rebuke: Lech LCha excerpts

Shabbat Shalom

(13:6) Lot was also wealthy and him and Avram could not live together.

(13:7) There was a fight between their shepherds.
Every one of you gets money, and then the fights start…This congregation is a bit different though. You have no money, and you are still fighting for Aliyahs. I don’t even know why you get called to the Torah anyways. When you say 18 of the local currency, you give shekels. We are in America…

(13:8-9) Avram says, ‘Let there not be a quarrel between us…isn’t there a whole land in front of you. Go away from me.’
Sometimes you cannot live with people. Take the Zwaskovitz family. What was the Zwaskovitz family. Now the Zwaskovitz family and the Stern family…
You cannot keep living in the same house. Not when you are expected to line up your shoes, every single night…

Sometimes, for good, you have to separate.
Which is why your rabbi will be taking a paid vacation…In an act of righteousness, such as our forefather Avram, the board will be asked to look all around America, and to find a different place to live…
They separate, kind of like every wealthy person in the city…This congregation could not hold onto one wealthy person. Not one…

(13:14-15) After Avram separates from Lot, he can now see the blessing. The blessing that H’ is giving him and his offspring the land of Israel.
Rashi- All the time that a Rasha (wicked person) was with him, the word of H’ was disconnected from him.

Sometimes I need space too. I give time to you people in this congregation…I also need time to be around pure people…Not people who complain about the Zwaskovitz family…I have not seen a blessing since I have been in this congregation…No wealth…And the offspring, of the original members in this land, donates more to

We are affected by our surroundings.
(Pirkei Avot- 4:18) Rabbi NeHorai- ‘Go to a place of Torah…for with your friends is how you will be able to keep it.’
Luckily, there are no friends in this congregation…

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