Sermons of Rebuke: Yitro Excerpts

Shabbat Shalom
Yitro gives a good idea and Moshe listens. ‘And Moshe listened to the voice of his father-in-law, and he did all that he said (Shemot- 19:24)…Oh. A little respect given to somebody with some knowledge. How about that for an idea????
I can’t get one person in this congregation to listen to a word I say. Max is even falling asleep. Middle of the sermon. Again…I have told Fran to stop wearing that dress. It has blinded half the congregation…The teens. Where are they?,,
He told Moshe to let the little matters get judged by the other leaders. Moshe would just deal with the bigger stuff. A little court system. A little system where somebody protected Moshe from all the idiocies of the congregation. That would be nice…goldfish die. You are still a Cohen…
And because he listened, they were able to judge the people all the time (19:26). Immediate judgment would make my life much more enjoyable. Bad laying of the Torah- kick him out. Chazan goes on too long- oust him. Mendy gets another one of those annoying haircuts, because his parents have no say in his life and give him money, instead of paying their dues- criminal boot camp…nobody wants to see the kid.
Do you see how much better this congregation would be if you listened to your rabbi?..But you don’t listen…
And the Torah continues that they brought the hard things to Moshe.
What are hard judgements? That would be making decisions as to whether or not we should extend the length of services. Other big decisions: How much to put aside for the kiruv meal budget which takes place at the rabbis house. Should the rabbi get a longer paid vacation. The rabbis seat in shule being comfortable enough…these should be decisions that are left to the rabbi…
The shule is going to start a new behavior police policy. I have had a hard time individually judging you people. Anybody who does not pay dues, immediately rampage the home….If you flip over that little tab on Yom Kippur, you are paying…$20,000 or more, you sit at the rabbi’s judgement table. I don’t want to hear the ‘But the kids flip the tabs and we don’t even see it.’ Maybe the children have more care for this congregation than you…
***These are excerpts from the sermon. For the sermon in its entirety, come see David Kilimnick perform at the Off The Wall Comedy Basement, in downtown Jerusalem.
David also tours as a Maggid with very few stories, if you invite him.
Shabbat Shalom


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