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Setting the record straight

"I want to make clear that I unequivocally oppose any violence at any holy site"

In the wake of the latest media attacks against the Jewish Home party (Bayit Hayehudi), especially those accusing me of incitement, I wanted to set the record straight.

I am confident, as is the Jewish Home, that the motion to have me expelled from the elections will be exposed as completely baseless. Tomorrow the voters will cast their ballots for Jewish pride, values, and equality, by voting for the Jewish Home. While there are splinter parties on the left desperately seeking to make headlines by twisting the truth and taking my remarks out of context, the voters will see through it.

I want to make clear that I unequivocally oppose any violence at any holy site, whether it be the Kotel Plaza, the Temple Mount, or sites sacred to any other faith. Anyone who knows me knows that I have devoted my life to bringing people of faith together through love, education, and mutual respect. My passion for Torah is best summed up by the dictum, “Drachea darche noam V’CHOL netivotea shalom” – Its ways are ways of pleasantness, and ALL its paths are peace.

In response to Yoel Hason filing a motion to disqualify me from the Jewish Home Knesset list, I released a video with the aim of bringing attention back the real issues. There are serious issues at stake in these elections: Israel’s security, Jewish Identity, housing prices, cost of living, and more. I am calling on the public to see past the sensationalism and cheap shots and seriously consider which party represents their values, views, and hopes for Israel.

On a deeper note, it seemed like every Friday night during this election season, different parties have taken shots at the Jewish Home, leaving us defenseless for 24 hours not being able to respond until Saturday night as the party refrains from any media interviews during the Sabbath. It’s dirty politics and people are sick and tired of it. We are offering an alternative. As many parties have attacked us to compensate for their lack of new and innovative ideas, we have run a positive campaign aimed at uniting all sectors in Israel. We let our ideas and platform speak for itself. That’s what this video is about.

Tomorrow we as a people vote. Whichever party you choose, please make your voice heard. What an opportunity. After 2,000 years of exile, of being ruled, left to the whims of despots throughout the ages, we the Jewish people are finally home. Of course we have challenges and of course we disagree, sometimes vehemently. We’re one family. That’s my message, and it was taught to me by my parents, by the soldiers I’ve had the privilege to lead into battle, and my wife and children every day. Vote, and may we all find the peace, strength, and humility to build a State of Israel as great as our dreams, even greater.

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Jeremy Gimpel the host of Israel Inspired Radio & TV on Voice of Israel, a columnist for the Jerusalem Post & a director in the World Mizrachi Movement