Shabbat HaGadol: Inherited Wealth – Your Personal Exodus!

A Gute Voch Yiden, we are less than a week away from the most essential & sacramental time of the year for the entire Jewish Nation. We have been enslaved for 210 years in Mitzrayim; before Moses was able to lead our People away, not just from the land of Egypt, but rather away from our personal Confinements.

Personal Freedom is the Greatest gift and capital that anyone can ever possess during his/her lifetime.

Only truly Free people can lose their inhibitions and elevate surrounding reality beyond the metaphysics of this mundane World.

My dear Friends, I want to share a beautiful story that was told by my Teacher over Shabbos table. This story is extremely relevant to our generation of lost and wandering Jews.

Facts are stubborn things, and according to the historic data approximately 90% of the wealthy heirs lose their Family Fortune by the end of the 3rd inherited generation or even sooner.

We have enormous amount of Inherited Wealth both spiritual Internal & tangible External, since we are the descendants of Abraham, Yitzchak & Yaakov, Kings Solomon & David and other prominent fore-fathers/mothers. As we know, that every good man leaves an inheritance to his children and future generations to come according to the wise King Solomon.

In the photo below Nachman Chudak & his wife Soroh accompanied by their oldest son Velvel and his wife Golda are captured, posing in the little Shtetl named Zhmerinka, central Ukraine. Nachman’s second oldest son Shmuel is the father of my grandfather Boruch (or Boris in accordance to the russian spelling manner)

Chudak Family
(courtesy of Chudak Family private photo collection)

In this Motzei Shabbos photo below, my dear Sandek Rabbi Nachman Sudak, son of the Pinchas Chudak, the youngest son of Nachman & Soroh, is captured with 7 years old Ben Tzion, holding Havdalah candle in Stamford Hill, London.

(courtesy of Ben Tzion private photo collection)
(courtesy of Ben Tzion private photo collection)

My personal Exodus took me 21 years of wandering, shortcuts, probing questions, failures to find true answers and finally, slowly walking back to my Home, my Teshuva. I have recently found this captivating quote: “Don’t Judge Someone Just Because They Sin Differently Than You.”

I am the 4th Generation counting from Nachman & Soroh Chudak of Zhmerinka & Chechel’nyk, and I still have more than just 4 Questions to be explained. On the Erev Pesach, please remember that every living generation has to personally exercise its physical redemption, similar to that experienced in front of the Red Sea.

This means that I have to build my own Wealth, my own Dynasty, all the way from scratch, based solely on the merits of my Forefathers. Than, this newly created Wealth, I would be able to Passover to my Happy heirs and generations of Proud Jews to come after me.

Today is your Day, today is your Mitzrayim, today is your Revelation, today is your Personal Exodus! Let my People Go, that’s what you have to request from Yourself.

I want to finish with this quote of Mahatma Gandhi:

“Carefully watch your Thoughts, for they become your Words.

Manage and watch your Words, for they will become your Actions.

Consider and judge your Actions, for they have become your Habits.

Acknowledge and watch your Habits, for they shall become your Values.

Understand and embrace your Values, for they become your Destiny.”

Be Free!!! Get rid of your personal inhibitions, my dear Friends!!! Enjoy this eternal Freedom and build upon our Inherited Wealth. We are Truly Wealthy & Spiritually Very Rich!!!

L’shanah Haba’ah B’Yerushalayim – Welcome Home, Ben Tzion!

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