Shabbat sex offsets cosmic destruction

When a pair of cosmic protons smash together; the tremendous energy of their crash can create a tiny, ephemeral black hole, lasting just a fraction of a second before evaporating. Where the black hole just was, a tiny cosmic true vacuum of space with entirely different laws of physics can grow, expanding ever-outward at the speed of light. In its wake atoms disintegrate, and the universe as we know it fizzles out of existence.

That’s why some physicists feared the Large Hadron Collider at CERN near Geneva might make tiny black holes when it turned on in 2008. It didn’t, but nature collides particles ay much higher energies than the Large Hadron Collider. The highest are found in ultrahigh energy cosmic rays protons that zip between galaxies with energies higher than 8 billion billion electron volts (SN: 10/14/17, p. 7). That’s 100 million times as high as the energies produced by the human built Large Hadron Collider.

According to a theory put forward by Stephen Hawking in the 1970s, energy radiates away from a black hole until the black hole eventually disappears (SN: 4/14/18, p. 12). The smaller the black hole, the faster it evaporates, so any black holes made by colliding cosmic rays (as opposed to stars) would fizzle almost instantaneously; and that’s bad news for the universe.

In 2015, theoretical physicist Ruth Gregory of Durham University in England showed mathematically that when black holes evaporate, they can nudge the universe into a state in which the laws of physics are so different that atoms no longer hold together. “We’d just blink out of existence.”

This catastrophe is called vacuum decay. It relies on the idea that the fundamental nature of the universe, called its vacuum state, might not be the most stable state possible. There could be another configuration of physical laws, the true vacuum, that exists in a lower more stable energy state.

Evaporating black holes could create a bubble of this true vacuum, Gregory argued. Once some true vacuum exists, the space around joins the true vacuum. The bubble would expand outward at the speed of light, destroying the known universe. But collisions between ultrahigh energy cosmic rays have happened billions of times, and vacuum decay should already have happened; so something is offsetting the overwhelming destructiveness of cosmic vacuum decay.

Nobody knows what that offset activity is; but the great 16th Kabbalist Rabbi Isaac Luria taught that Tikun activities, doing mitzvoth in general and Shabbat lovemaking in particular, was part of the offsetting energy that repairs (tikun) the universe. Thus, Judaism sees marriage not simply as a personal expression of love, but as a way in which our love as a couple will help make the cosmic world a little better place for future generations.

Also, couple love is a spiritual enhancement of the Divine presence. A way to feel the presence of the Divine in your personal life and to radiate it to those around you. Most Jews know it is a Mitzvah to make love to your wife on Shabbat. However, very few Jews know that Rabbi Isaac Luria (1534-1572), developed several special Tikunim, referred to as Tikunay Hatzot mid night spiritual exercises.

Exactly how personal private Tikunim are sometimes able to influence other people and situations, as well as a tiny part of the cosmos itself, is inexplicable. Yet with patience, hope and trust many impossible situations get resolved.

Every Jewish wife partakes of some aspects of Leah and some aspects of Rachel. Like Leah, every woman is potentially very fruitful, both emotionally and physically. Like Rachel, every woman is potentially spellbinding and enthralling.

When her husband regards his wife as a gift from God and loves her totally, faithfully and submissively (egoless), his lovemaking and partnership being more to give her pleasure than for his own pleasure, he realizes and actualizes her blessings and God’s blessings. This is especially important when stress makes her weep openly or inside. All forms of Tikun Hatzot stress this.

Sexual activity prior to midnight increases the aspect of Leah. Sexual activity after midnight and in the predawn or early morning hours increases the aspect of Rachel. Sexual intercourse with Leah, helps to reduce negative actions and situations in family and personal affairs.

Sexual intercourse during the second part of the night and early morning, increases the aspect of Rachel who ascends in the morning as Matronita, the ruling presence of Shekinah. Elevating Matronita helps avoid the worst case human and nature scenarios we fear; and helps increases the number of our small but important contributions to the improvement of Jewish and world society.

One who regards his wife as a gift from God will pray in her intimate presence. These Tikunim should be done every Shabbat for as Rabbi Judah ben Yakar (c.1200) said, “Our Mitzvah of marital coupling is derived from what the Holy One said to Shabbat, -the community of Israel will be your mate-” Thus Israel sanctifies the Shabbat, and a Jewish husband sanctifies his Jewish wife.

If they desire, he should also adore his wife at least once or twice during the weekdays. These Tikunim are not magic, but if done faithfully they always have a positive impact over time. A Hasidic mystic, Rabbi Nathan Hanover adds, “After you perform Tikun Hatzot, prepare yourself and unify the Holy One with Shekinah by making your body, each and every limb, a Merkavah-chariot for Shekinah.”

Thus, sexual activity should end with the wife above, feeling she is Shekinah – the ruling Matronita, blessing her husband and rising to heaven, with her husband below her, feeling that he serves as a mystical Merkavah-chariot (like the Holy Temple in Jerusalem) elevating her to the heavens. This helps actualize their thoughts and desires and promotes remedies, rectifications, and blessings for those around them and throughout the world.

For more insight into Rabbi Luria’s tikun responsibilities for Jews and non-Jews who desire to become partners with God in the healing of the cracks of human society and in the cosmos, see pages 247-9 in my just published book: Which religion Is Right For You?: A 21st century Kuzari (Hadassa Word Press ISBN 978-620-2-45517-6)

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