Shabbat Shalom

There are many “rules and regulations” to observing Shabbat.
sometimes as I grew I doubted the important of those rules,
I felt that maybe, if I believe in god that would be enough.

My doubted started to grow, especially while i was in the army,
Where there was many people with different kinds of beliefs.
Most doesn’t have the same as me.
It was hard to observe the Shabbat all by myself.

In my service, the only time you actually could have your phone was on Shabbat.
Saturday was the days, which we could do whatever we want, without the hard-line schedule of the army.
It was very frustrating for me, that everyone could be on their phone. and then there me reading a book by myself.

I decided to do my own experiment with myself, to try for once, making the Shabbat more like an ordinary day. without all the rules. but its just felt so wrong!

In the end I decided to keep the Shabbat like i always used to.

I just wanted to share it with everyone.
to explain why I think the Shabbat is the most amazing day on the weekend. and why it’s such a unique day.

What I eventually came to understand was, that when you do observe the rules and regulations,
Shabbat becomes a unique experience.

Shabbat truly becomes a day that my whole family together.
having fun, with no phones nothing electronic just us with each other
Playing games, talk, having fun it’s incredible.
we rest, pray, eat, drink and just have a lovely time with our family and friends.

I believe that everyone should appreciate this time with their family.

When life just pass by so fast, it’s great to stop, and have one day on the week that a bit different. Where you just rest and enjoying your time with the people you love.

shabbat shalom.

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About the Author
Amit Ben Moshe lives in Israel. She recently finished two years service in the Navy and is going to study in Jerusalem soon. Follow Amit on Twitter at @amitbmoshe
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