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Shabbat Shalom to everybody, everybody but ……

First of all a special Shabbat Shalom to Joan River’s family. May she rest in peace. Her love of life, passion, and incredible sense of humor put smiles on millions of her fans (including me).

A special Shabbat Shalom to Ted Cruz, who gave a speech at a Defense of Christians gala. These were Arab Christians however, and they roundly booed him after he defended Israel, told them that in Israel Christians are protected, and can practice their faith.

“I told the attendees that those who hate Israel also hate America, that those who hate Jews also hate Christians, and that anyone who hates Israel and the Jewish people is not following the teachings of Christ,” said Cruz

Which goes to show you beheadings, slaughter, persecution is not as important to many Middle Eastern Arab Christians as hating Jews and Israel. Thank you Ted Cruz for standing your ground. You are a real Mensch.

Now to our faves. To the Obama administration who are finally doing something, anything for whatever reason (polls?) to stop the Radical Islamist threat of ISIS. First the President gives a speech talking about a multi year mission to rid us of ISIL that is the name that he uses for ISIS or now as they call it the Islamic State. Now for the President who after declaring that we will be fighting the terrorists (yup he said it finally) declared to the world that the Islamic State or ISIL, ISIS is neither Islamic or a State. Thanks, somebody however forgot to tell them this.

The very next day President Obama’s secretary of state John Kerry, said that this is not a war it is counter terrorism. I guess Mr. Kerry didn’t get the memo that using airplanes, drones and ground troops (not ours of course) against a growing army that has taken over large swaths of territory across the middle east is probably considered to be a … war. The last time that I heard this kind of talk was Vietnam. Mr. President and “friends”, WE WILL NEVER WIN THIS WAR, YES WAR, and UNLESS WE CALL IT WHAT IT IS A … WAR and say who the war is against Radical Islam.

To the NFL and its commissioner Roger Goodell who after viewing the recent video of Ray Rice throwing a mean left hook at his future wife in an elevator, and then dragging her out a la Neanderthal caveman style into the lobby. First questioned the credibility of TMZ who released the video and then denied that he had seen it until recently. Goodell said this as a report was released that the video was indeed sent to the NFL office 5 months earlier. Why is this important? Goodell suspended Ray Rice for two games, two games when this first came out many months ago. Apparently Goodell is using the same PR firm as the Obama administration whose advice is the following. Repeat after me , I didn’t know, I am shocked by this ,I lost the emails, I will get to the bottom of this , after the season and with my hand picked former FBI guy under the watchful eyes of my staff ( see Eric Holder). Well I guess it has worked for the Obama administration why not give it a try?

To football fans ( like me ) who watch an incredibly violent game where bones are broken , heads smashed, and men run full at each other for the soul purpose of smooshing their opponents. Why are we “shocked”, yes “shocked” when we see this kind of violent, aberrant behavior off the field.

To the Ohio teens who tricked an autistic boy into stripping down into his underwear to ostensibly do the ALS challenge and then dumped a bucket of feces and urine and other vile things onto the boy.
May you all be sentenced to watching the final scene of the movie Carrie over and over until you get it.

To the student body President at Ohio University who dumped a bucket of blood on to her head symbolizing the blood of Gazans who Israel supposedly murdered while calling for the boycott divestment and sanctions of Israel.

May you be sentenced to having those other Ohio boys drop the next bucket of their own “recipe” on your head for the moron of the year challenge .Then go to live in Sderot for a six month period and wait for the sirens to blast. That would be justice.

So Shabbat Shalom to all of you who read this instead of doing anything more productive.
To everyone else that I mentioned and to others whom I didn’t (you know who you are)

No Shabbat Shalom for You.

Your friend Larry

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Larry Levine is a writer, businessman and activist. Originally from Long Island, moved to Columbus Ohio I have been a stand up comedian, talk show host, and compose music. I am a "reformed conservadox" In other words I find beauty in all facets of Judaism . Passionate about politics, people, Israel and our great country.