Shaked: No To Ukrainian Refuges, Yes To Russians

The duality of Israeli politicians continues. For those who might be flying in or out of Ben Gurion, a curious thing will happen. People who are currently flying to Eastern Europe to pick up their family members have to come to BG with a checkbook. They have to personally guarantee family members and the process is not easy as no Ukrainians without a visa or a guarantee are able to come to Israel.

Of course, this kind of action from IOI under Sheked is not new. After all only a few months ago Jewish communities of Ethiopia were facing genocide and only a few hundred of the thousands of Jews still living in Ethiopia were allowed to come to Israel.

At the same time, entry to Russian and Belorussian tourists is free and without hassle. There is no information from the Ministry of Interior for the policy that favors the aggressors while punishing any refugees and families of Israelis who are trying to help their family members who lost everything.

All while Russia is trying to de-nazify a government headed by a Jewish Russian-speaking president who won a majority of the vote of the country. At the same time, Russia bombed Babi Yar day after Israel sent aid and showed solidarity with Ukraine. Bennett has been cryptic trying to keep ties with Russia while Lapid was clear in his solidarity and criticism of what is now clearly a Putin dictatorship (all Russian independent news have been shut down and law enacted against disseminating “fake” information).

Russian people have the ability to find information but they have to know where to find it and know how to trust but getting information to Russians is much harder now. This means war can only get worse because there is a very low probability of Russian protests working and after the bombing of the nuclear powerplant, the exodus will only increase as will the risks to the world community.

Lastly, given the fact that Iran sided with Russia in the UN and Israel voted against it, dual policy on Russia may or may not help Israel keep Iran at bay.

About the Author
Sam Livin was born in Soviet Union and grew up in San Diego. In 2012, he travelled the world photographing Jewish communities publishing a book called "Your Story Our Sipur." Today he continues to write about Israel and Judaism as he lives and studies business and ecology in Tel Aviv.