Shame on the streets of London

The Al Quds rally in London today will shame us all. Shame on the rally’s organisers, who are encouraging participants to bring Hezbollah flags. Shame on our British government who distinguish between the military wing and the political branch of Hezbollah, proscribing one for being terrorist and finding the other acceptable. Hezbollah are fighting in support of Assad in Syria on behalf of Iran. They are classed as terrorist by the Arab League, US, France, Canada, Netherlands and Israel. Yet we weasel our opposition by making a non-existent distinction between the military and political wing. Why?

hizbollah pic

Shame on the police who protect those who display flags picturing guns and pretend they are not threatening. Are we OK with someone flying a ‘political flag’ featuring a rifle on the streets of London? My personal experience has been that the police pretend to complainants that they will deal with the flags and their holders later, but do nothing and then lie that they cannot do anything because no one complained.

Shame on the supporters of the rally who claim to be Jewish and not to be anti-Jewish. Call out Rabbi Cohen from Neturei Karta who perverts Judaism to stand with the would-be destroyers of Israel. Call out Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods, and their spokeswoman Naomi Idrissi Wimborne. What kind of Jews speak at a hate fest against their fellow Jews? Those with no care for the Jewish people and a Jewish future. Those who get the kudos and the limelight by speaking against Israel, particularly because they are Jewish. Shame on them.

Shame on the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) who demonstrate what kind of human rights they are about, by allying with Hezbollah. They claim to campaign for justice for all peoples regardless of their racial, confessional or political background. Shame on the Charity Commission who have guidance on charities not associating with terror groups but have taken no action on this matter, even though IHRC is a registered charity.

Shame on all the speakers at the rally. Baroness Jenny Tonge – you claim to want Israel to continue and not be destroyed. How can you speak at a rally where Hezbollah flags are waved? Shame on us all that the streets of London this afternoon will be safe space for the promoters of the destruction of Israel.

I will be there to protest. Will you? Do not be a bystander.

About the Author
Founder Pro Israel, Pro Palestinian, Pro Peace. Chair Jewish Resource Centre at the University of Roehampton, trustee of (Jewish) Renaissance Publishing. During her working life (now retired) she was Chief Executive of a number of UK national charities including the National Schizophrenia Fellowship, National Council for Voluntary Organisations, Community Matters. Judy has served on the board of two national quangos including becoming a whistleblower.