Shame On The World

Will Israel ever get a fair shake from the media?

Better yet, will the Middle East’s only democracy get a fair shake from the rest of the world?

Not a chance.

It can’t happen if the world’s reaction to the Ali Dawabsha case is an example.

No question, the recent house-torching that led to the babies death was a despicable act. There’s no disputing that.

Yes, one youngster’s death — anywhere in the universe — should inspire pity while acts of random assaults should be condemned.

What matters here is that the episode perpetrated by the zealots was rare and cannot in any way shape or form be matched by the Arab fratricide that takes place every day of the year.

For starters, keep in mind that the Palestinian National Movement has made murdering Jewish children a pillar of their cause.

And it has been for decades without a murmur of protest from those who are wringing their hands and heads over Ali Dawabsha.

Then we simply should observe what has transpired with that Arab Spring.


Some joke.

Hamas, Hezbollah (not a Palestinian movement, by the way), Islamic Jihad and the P.L.O never miss an opportunity to brag and celebrate over the deaths of Israeli children.

Not a peep of protest is heard world-wide when that happens.

Arab Jew-hating far precedes the creation of the State of Israel. Its roots can be traced back centuries but no better sample can be found than that of the first “Palestinian,” otherwise known as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

Haj Amin al-Husseini was an accomplice of Adolf Hitler and, as a result, had the blood of millions of Jews and their children on his hands.

During World War II, the Mufti worked hand in glove with the British, keeping Jews out of the land that would become Israel. Instead of freedom, those Jews perished in concentration camps.

Not surprisingly, the murderer of Jews is a celebrated hero of the Palestinians today.

So, one Arab youngster was wantonly killed. Sad, it is.

But what about the thousands of children, toddlers and teenagers who were murdered by Jordanians, Israeli Arabs and Palestinians simply because they were Jewish?

Why isn’t more said about Samir Kuntar. This monster who bashed in the head of defenseless four-year-old Einat Haran with the butt of his rifle.

Not surprisingly, he too is an Arab hero today.

Mahmound Abbas, the ICC and the United Nations have conveniently forgotten the Dolfinarium homicide.

During that bit of Arab work a Hamas suicide bomber killed 21 Israeli teenagers. Yet there hardly was a peep of protest from the likes of those who are screaming against Israel over Ali Dawabsha.

And that goes for certain members of the Israeli Left, who often seem more interested in destroying their homeland than supporting it, as they should.

As it should, the Israeli government went out of its way, taking responsibility for the torching and its aftermath. Consider the difference:

When Israelis are murdered by Arabs, the latter pass out sweets to celebrate the bloodletting.

About the Author
Simon Fischler was born and raised in New York City. He underwent Heart Transplant surgery in 1993 in New York at the age of 15 and made Aliyah in 2001. Simon is happily married with three children.