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Shame on U

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The university-age are notorious for the professing of cretinous and misinformed viewpoints, not yet mellowed and refined in the cask of time and experience; and it is in view of this juvenility, and with a great deal of forbearance and grace, that the cognitive fledglings are often excused for the making of statements that, coming from the mouth of an adult-aged citizen, would place him in the docks, the asylum, or on the first barge to a tropical penal colony.

The illustrious alumni at Harvard U have provided us with a superior example of worded stupidity:

“We, the undersigned student organizations, hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence.” So holds the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Groups. And of the rocketing of and invasion into Israel by Hamas, and the subsequent torture, rape, kidnapping, and slaughter of all ages, the brilliants go on to urge Harvard to “take action to stop the ongoing annihilation of Palestinians.”

This is beyond the “foolish remarks” of un/misinformed youth. Not ignorance alone, but dissatisfaction, resentment, and much malice goes into issuing such a statement. This is also another fine example of the line that definitely does not exist between the brain and the heart, between intelligence and ethics. Morally brilliant they are not.

In more lucid moments they might concede that the torture, the rape, the video-recorded beheading is perhaps slightly Medieval given the times…but given the circumstances, what can one expect for our times, but what can one expect of a colonized and subjugated peoples with no other means of expression? The enslaved Gazans are forced by a deaf and unsympathetic Israeli dispensation to extremities of mute suffering, and we should not feign surprise when their sufferings are mute no longer, and a people kept down for so long rise up in an eruptive blaze. When the nicer channels of politics and diplomacy have proven ineffective, terror is the only answer.

It is on such purblind logic that Hamas apologists operate.. They do not consider that Israel has, those many not many years ago, deracinated their own and handed over Gaza wholesale to Palestinian Gazans (going so far as to disinter the Jewish dead from Gazan ground). A terror state and state of terror now exists coterminous with Israel proper. The sophomoric undergraduates, as they enthusiastically chant “Free Palestine”, seem to believe that the onus for peaceful relations lays on Israel. That only granted self-determination and political institutions for self-expression, and an officially recognized flag covering pre-48’ borders, peace would ensue. In the meaning of Hamas, “Free Palestine” translates to “destroy Israel”, is equivalent to and dependent upon it, “Palestine” indicating a tract of land from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, at least.

If Israel would only be so sensible as to self-destruct, there’d be no reason to destroy it.

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