Shana Tova Berlin

As a native Californian, I am disgusted that Judith Butler, a professor in the rhetoric and comparative literature departments at the University of California, Berkeley, would call for a boycott of Israel and use the Jewish Museum in Berlin as mouthpiece for her egregiously wrong views.

This behavior is an unspeakable insult to all victims of the Holocaust, and is categorically craven in the purest intellectual sense of the term. Lady Butler is an idiot.

Of course, I hold the German nation responsible for allowing this rot to occur in Berlin, of all places. Berlin, the birthplace of the most concentrated form of hate known to mankind. Let all Americans, Jewish or not,  boycott Berkeley  — it’s almost as bad as the almost criminally overrated Harvard. But I choose this moment to initiate my own boycott against any editorial coverage of Berlin in the American travel media, which is to say reportage of a commercial character, unless and until an apology shall be forthcoming and publicized from the museum management.

Furthermore, I will undertake at my own expense to journey to Berlin (when frankly I’d much rather go to Siena) to lodge a formal complaint with the appropriate department of the Jewish Museum.

For now, Shana Tova to blockhead Butler and to the good if chronically unenlightened people of Berlin, too.