Sharing Innovation: Renowned Canadian accelerator graduates first cohort at Ariel University

Ariel, Israel – on August 21, innovative entrepreneurs from Ariel University will present their start-up ventures to a funder audience as part of the inaugural YEDI Entrepreneurship Development Program at Ariel University.

The York Entrepreneurship Development Institute (YEDI) is a world-ranked, charitable university linked accelerator whose mission is to provide top-tier business education and mentorship to innovative entrepreneurs from any sector or industry in order to build and accelerate successful businesses and efficient not-for-profit organizations. YEDI is ranked as the #3 University Linked Accelerator in North America by UBI Global.

YEDI offers several programs to accelerate ventures and organizations in Canada and around the world, focused on providing the tools and expertise needed to grow a global startup.

Since launching in 2013, YEDI has accelerated over 135 start-ups and not-for-profit organizations that have attracted notable global investments.

In March, 2016 YEDI partnered with Ariel University to share it’s unique methodology with students through an intensive two-week business acceleration program that launched on August 7. Now, upon completing the program that features high calibre entrepreneurship training, certification and mentorship by leading industry experts, the founders will face an investor audience including some of the most prominent names in funding to pitch for financing that will help realize their start-ups.

“We strive to establish global connections for our alumni and are incredibly honoured that Ariel University has chosen to partner and implement YEDI’s methodology for accelerating their forward-thinking ventures. Furthermore, we foresee expanded opportunities for Israeli ventures that will now have direct access to the North American market.” Says YEDI President Dr. Marat Ressin.

Ariel University (AU) is helping to pioneer a new future for Israel and its younger generation. From its inception, Ariel University has integrated research and development into its primary goal of educating the next generation of Israelis. By pursuing this two-pronged agenda AU maintains an atmosphere of excellence in both research and scholarship that attracts thousands of students from all over the country.

In collaboration with the University of Ariel, the City of Ariel and the FCE (The Field Center for Entrepreneurship at Ariel) guests can engage with a new generation of visionaries who will showcase their ventures for success!

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About the Author
Maria Konikov is the Director of Operations at The York Entrepreneurship Development Institute (YEDI) and currently a guest instructor at Ariel University. YEDI is a globally ranked start-up accelerator committed to equipping innovators with the entrepreneurial know-how, resources and networks necessary for project success.