Sheba Medical Center’s Humanitarianism Made Global Impact in 2019

A compassionate team of medical experts from Israel’s national hospital, Sheba Medical Center, Tel HaShomer is on the ground right now in Samoa.  They are working vigorously to save lives from a deadly measles epidemic that has rocked the Pacific island nation.

These six nurses and two pediatric specialists not only represent some of Israel’s top emergency medical experts; they also embody the humanitarian spirit that defines Sheba Medical Center’s commitment to medical innovation that transcends all boundaries.

With thousands of Samoans diagnosed with measles, and more than 70 deaths caused by the measles outbreak according to the UN, the World Health Organization reportedly reached out specifically to Sheba’s Israel Center for Disaster Medicine and Humanitarian Response.  Israel answered the call, sending doctors to participate in a top-notch international coalition deployed to Samoa. Sheba’s long humanitarian track record around the world has been a transformative life-saving force, making it a sought-after resource during times of crisis.

Since the Sheba team has arrived in Samoa, they have been welcomed with open hearts and profound gratitude.  One Samoan hospital announced excitedly that the “Israelites have arrived.”

Indeed, the “Israelites” from Sheba Medical Center are often called upon to share their medical humanitarianism and to export their medical innovation across the world. Sheba’s medical humanitarian missions have traveled to Guatemala, Haiti, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Zambia and beyond.

And Sheba’s innovative approach to medicine serves as an invaluable resource for medical research collaborations with the world’s most elite hospitals and medical institutions.

In recent days I had the honor to listen to a presentation by Professor Dror Harats, Chair of Division for Research and Development and Director of Clinical Trials at Sheba Medical Center.  He spoke in Florida at the national summit of the Israeli American Council. Prof. Harats and his Sheba colleagues have been leading Sheba into the future of digital healthcare and groundbreaking research projects.

For the last 25 years, Prof. Harats has pioneered cutting edge research in lipid metabolism atherosclerosis and vascular biology while also serving as an entrepreneur and consultant to biotechnology and pharmaceutical healthcare companies. His remarks at the conference emphasized how Sheba Medical Center dares to make imagination come alive, always pushing boundaries in search of cures, treatments and better healthcare overall.

Indeed, recent news illustrates how Sheba Medical Center’s medical research is emerging as a game-changer in medicine and how it is poised to play an instrumental role in positioning Israel as the global hub for healthcare innovation.

Sheba recently officially opened its ARC Center – a one-of-a-kind platform that matches startups with unprecedented healthcare solutions, patient data, medical industry players, academia and investors.

At ARC, which stands for Accelerate-Redesign-Collaborate, innovators in technology and medicine will work side by side to identify unmet needs, and partner to develop medical solutions and products and bring them to market at an accelerated speed.

This digital healthcare revolution at Sheba’s ARC Innovation Center is aided through partnerships with global powerhouses including Microsoft, Novartis, Janssen, Philips, and Deloitte.

With Sheba excelling on the medical humanitarian and innovation fronts, it comes as no surprise that 2019 saw the hospital ranked among the top 10 hospitals in the world by Newsweek.

Israel’s national hospital announced a number of remarkable achievements this year.  Among them were one of Sheba’s doctors developing an unprecedented life-extending treatment for pancreatic cancer, and researchers leading a groundbreaking study on melanoma and immunotherapy treatments.

Visitors to Israel should consider adding a trip to Sheba to their itineraries. I have visited the Sheba Medical Center campus and seen firsthand how it is truly an oasis of peace in the Middle East, devoid of any and all boundaries when it comes to hope, imagination, and vision.

It is fitting that the hospital that grew up alongside the founding of the Jewish state today identifies itself as a City of Health and is exporting its expertise across the globe.  Indeed, the the tireless work of its doctors and other staff members are not just saving lives, but also fulfilling the Jewish commandment to serve as a light unto the nations.


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