Shia Half Moon

From the raging chaos we are observing in the region, there is a clear picture emerging. One whose translucent reflections are confusing many of us; even the sharpest of observers.

In reality though, we are just entering a new phase one should call adroitly a Shia Half Moon as opposed to the Shia Crescent touted during the Iraq War.

By Shia Half Moon, I am not talking about the religion as expressed by many peaceful members of the faith. By Shia Half Moon, I am laboring over highlighting the extreme elements of the faith one finds in Iran.

In 2004, King Abdullah II of Jordan coined the term “Shia Crescent” to describe the overarching presence of Iran from its borders to the Mediterranean. That revealing moment opened everyone’s eyes to a new map and a new dawn fraught with danger.

Because of the success of the surge in Iraq, the Crescent stumbled a bit but soon found its footing again after the U.S. 2008 elections. Over the last six years, one uprising in June 2009 in Iran, Hezbollah turning its “resistance” guns against the Lebanese in May of 2008, and the biggest test in the March 2011 uprising of the Syrian people all have challenged Iran.

Thanks to Obama, Iran passed all these tests with flying colors. Thanks to Obama, the Shia Crescent seems to be transforming into a Shia Half Moon. Thanks to Obama, Iran is now firmly in control of Yemen, thus turning a Shia Crescent into a Shia Half Moon surrounding our most trusted and strongest allies in the region. Thanks to Obama, a clear picture is emerging of our enemies getting stronger.

Indeed, Obama could not have done a better job if he was an agent of Iran (What are treason laws for? To adorn our libraries?).

From Obama’s perspective, permitting Iran to overwhelm the region meets three goals, two of which are dream goals of his based on ideological longing.

  1. It permits Obama to claim he has extricated the United States from the troubled Middle East region, which decreases the chance of another Iraq or Afghanistan war. That our interests can be jeopardized concerns him little because one has to remember Obama thinks US interests are artificial interests driven by either a greedy military complex or a voracious capitalist business appetite. Both he could care less about.
  2. Obama believes US allies are a problem. They need attention, protection, supervision, and treasure. That Saudi Arabia or any of the Gulf countries relies on the US for protection could very well mean US boots on the ground in the region. Obama believes his job is to shrink the “Capitalist Crescent” the US extends over the Middle East by replacing it with a Shia Half Moon.
  3. Lastly is Obama’s own icing on the cake. With diminished US presence and a larger Iranian footprint, Obama would ultimately surround the Jews of Israel with their most lethal enemy to date since Hitler. Every fiber in Obama’s ideological make-up screams, “Kill the Jews”. Every fiber screams, “Destroy Israel”. Iran deploys his mission and Obama has Iran’s back. He hides them all under the pretense of a US-Iran deal the outcome of which is as fake as the purpose of the negotiations.

A clear picture emerges from the chaos in the region. The only reason Obama is combating ISIS/ISIL so timidly is to insure the shift from the Shia Crescent to the Shia Half Moon goes uneventful.

In fact, Obama wants to see a Shia Half Moon over the region transform into a Shia Full Moon by the time he leaves office.

Congressman John Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell understand what Obama is up to. So does Senators Bob Menendez and John McCain. Stopping him would require for the prime minister of Israel to address US Congress and the American people.

Now you know why Barack Obama threatened PM Netanyahu with a “price to pay”.

Iran’s wheels are greased and Netanyahu is about to sandbox them. The community organizer cannot have anyone derail his plans to let America’s enemies fill the vacuum it leaves behind in the region nor anyone stop him from eliminating as many Jews as he possibly can with Khamenei’s help.