Shifra and Puah of Our Times

Dafna Meir.

I cannot stop thinking about you.  I didn’t know you and don’t think I ever met you. I wish I did.  You were an inspiring incredible woman.

You had many hardships in life and a difficult childhood.  You could have felt sorry for yourself, make excuses, be angry at the world.  Yet you chose the opposite.  You chose to help others, to save lives, to bring new life into this world.

You chose to inspire women, to give others confidence, to lend a helping hand and ear.

I imagine you as the Shifra and Puah of this generation.  Courageous and confident in the face of fear.

You were painting your doorpost while you were murdered. Murdered in cold blood. The doorpost that the mezuzah is on, the one we place the Chanukia , a reminder and declaration of our faith and our Judaism.  God passed over the Jewish homes with doorposts stained by blood from the Paschal lamb. We cannot stop crying. Amazed at how you managed to save your children’s lives while you were bleeding to death by your doorpost.

Your beautiful family who spoke so poignantly, touched all of our hearts.  Your husband lovingly described you as one in a million. He was grateful for every minute he had with you. Your beautiful redheaded daughter, Ranana, called you her best friend.

Your adoptive mother Atara, spoke about how you overcame your hardships. She recalled how she just recently asked you how do you accomplish so much?  And you answered so amazingly. That you live your life as each day was your last.  That way you finish what you want to do and what you need to do.

We all have so much to learn from your very short life.  Even though you accomplished so much, you never took the credit.  You composed a beautiful prayer that God should always guide you and help you in your most amazing missions.

You are like Miriam the prophetess. Even in the darkest hour, Miriam believed in salvation.

We will never forget you Dafna.  We hope and pray that God will watch over your beautiful and special family and give them strength to move on.  Please pray for them and for all of us to have the final redemption speedily in our days.

May your beautiful pure soul rest in peace. תהי נשמתך צרורה בצרור החיים.

About the Author
Ruchie Bromberg is a Speech Language Pathologist, lecturer and ADHD coach in Private Practice. She writes creative articles and poems in children's magazines.