Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Shine a light

“Free the hostages at any price, even though Hamas lives to attack again,” yell some.

“How dare you try to destroy Hamas while civilians die” yell others, even though Israel conforms to international rules of warfare, and Israel is reportedly doing more than any nation has ever done to try to protect civilians during war, and even though Hamas is guilty of war crimes including using Gazans as shields and often preventing them from evacuating to safety, and even though Gazan civilians brought Hamas into power and many Gazans (if not all) support Hamas and celebrated the October 7 attack.

The choice that Israel has here, is to ceasefire or destroy Hamas.

As pressure mounts from so many to ceasefire, Israel shines a spotlight on moral clarity.

There are those who say, that October 7 was justified because Israel is an occupier of land that is not theirs. Sorry people, even if you want to hem and haw and excuse the sadistic brutalities of October 7, your argument doesn’t even begin. Because the land of Israel was given by G-d to the Jewish people. It’s our land, and we are now defending it and defending Jewish lives. And as for your antisemitic hateful chants, it won’t get you anywhere except to highlight your lack of basic human decency and your lack of acceptance of G-d, Who created you and Who constantly keeps the word existing.

Sorry world. There’s a new superpower emerging, G-d’s chosen nation. And the world is quickly discovering, that in spite of all their efforts, G-d’s people are winning this war of truth and justice. And even the US is acknowledging this, as it continues to support Israel.

There’s a new light emerging, a light of G-d. And it’s shining and getting brighter every day.

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