Gila Isaacson
Gila Isaacson

Shine your light!

My friend has 11 kids. That means that for each of my kids, she has just under three kids. And before you think it, it’s not true. I promise.

Her kids are very loved. Not only that, they are well adjusted, happy, well-fed, well-dressed, happy-to-help-others.

Plus they have little to no screentime. Gasp!

I used to feel downright despondent when I visted.

I thought about it a lot. I watched her succeed at parenting in ways I can’t even imagine for years and years. And she continues to do so.

The thing is that her exceptional success doesn’t take away from mine.

In fact, I don’t need to have 11 kids to shine my light.

Stop looking at the uber-successful people around you and defining your life by their success.

And shine your own light.


About the Author
Gila Isaacson is the very proud mama bear of four energetic sons. In the day, she can be found at Mercava, an awesome ed-tech start-up, where she works as a QA Engineer. At night, she can be found chasing after her boys.
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