Shoah: The First Sign of Sixth Human Extinction!

“If you believe that you can damage, then believe that you can fix.” – Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

The world has underestimated the holocaust. Shoah or the Holocaust is by far the most tragic event in Human history and thus it is imminent that every single school across the globe informs students about the holocaust, so that we help the future generations create a better world. Unfortunately, even after such tragic events in history, we humans learn nothing. It is time we realize that we as a species are united. Today, when all of us be it, Atheists, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs battle Covid pandemic, we realize that time has come that all of us think beyond Race, Ethnicity, Citizenship, Borders and Religion.

Wicked and cunning leaders like Paul Joseph Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler, Julius Streicher, Benito Andrea Mussolini succeeded in their evil intentions by exploiting race, ethnicity, religion and by imposing a racist version of nationalism. One also needs to reflect on the prevalent social conditions. Factors like religious hatred, joblessness, human overpopulation, hunger, racial inequality and lack of unity among nations have led to this shameful occurrence in history. 75 years after the holocaust, we humans have only become worse.

Today Theodor Herzl’s (journalist, playwright, political activist, and writer) concerns are much valid and one must take these concerns seriously. As we enter the 21st century as developed nations, not all nations are developed. Now this leads to an imbalanced and biased world. Even today we are fighting Antisemitism, racism, religious hatred and a radical form of nationalism called ‘negative nationalism’ where politicians only provoke people in the name of religion without doing necessary social reforms that have been missing since decades. These thoughts have only strengthened the resolves of communist superpowers like Russia and China. Today we have come to a stage where a country can have one religion which follows its national framework (laws, guidelines, regulations) or have none and stick to its laws.

Thus, Theodor Herzl’s concern is a concern for every nation. If one enters Israel, one must follow its laws and accept it in its totality, as a Jewish country. Now every nation needs to do this in order to stop wasting time in unnecessary religious debates, exploitation of religion by priests and politicians and social unrest. Herzl once said “It depends on the Jews themselves whether this political document remains for the present a political romance. If this generation is too dull to understand it rightly, a future, finer, more advanced generation will arise to comprehend it. The Jews who will try it shall achieve their State; and they will deserve it …”. He was right. Herzl also said “”I consider the Jewish question neither a social nor a religious one, even though it sometimes takes these and other forms. It is a national question, and to solve it we must first of all establish it as an international political problem to be discussed and settled by the civilized nations of the world in council”. Now these are profound statements. Theodor Herzl’s thoughts are vibrant even today.

There is a lot our world can learn from the Christian states of Scandinavia. Although these were Christian states, religion never interfered social reforms, scientific developments, personal inclination of an individual his or her right to freedom of speech. Today Israel has done the most reforms in the entire middle east. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights in Israel are the most developed in the Middle East. European countries like Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Poland Switzerland and many others have now accepted marriage contracts (prenuptial agreements). These reforms is what our planet requires the most. We cannot develop or progress as a species without such reforms.

Every country wants Artificial Intelligence, Vegan Food Industries and Green Technology (Environmental technology, green technology or clean technology is the application of one or more of environmental science, green chemistry, environmental monitoring and electronic devices to monitor, model and conserve the natural environment and resources, and to curb the negative impacts of human involvement) but only a few countries like Germany, Israel, Netherlands, USA and a list of countries in Scandinavia and Oceania have done sufficient social reforms. Moreover today, as the whole world faces the challenges of Corona Virus or maybe later something much worse than that, the question we need to ask ourselves is “what did the world learn from the holocaust?”. We must make a choice, either to evolve as one intelligent species together as humans or to support orthodoxy, blind faith, anti-Semitism, religious hatred, mass corruption and move closer to the Sixth Human Extinction. The choice is ours it must be made sooner than we think we can.

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About the Author
Vinay Lohar is an ISMS, IT & Management expert, Adventurer, Photographer and Food Connoisseur He received his Masters of Business Administration from Jodhpur National University. He was an international Information Security and Data Privacy Consultant at Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany for 3 years. He also worked as a Risk Manager for and managed an internal business team for the EU region for Transaction Risk Management. Vinay currently works as a Manager for Information Security and Cyber Security with Siemens, a German conglomerate company headquartered in Berlin and Munich and the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe.