Shocked, Sad, Disgusted and Angry

After coming home from studying in the library, I was standing in my kitchen at around 8 o’clock this evening when one of my roommates came in and asked me if I wanted to hear the live news regarding the three kidnapped boys. Not yet knowing that they were murdered, I responded that I just couldn’t listen to the news about it anymore. I check the headlines constantly and read the articles that seem informative or interesting and keep moving on. I just wanted to listen to my music for a few minutes while washing the dishes and try to clear my thoughts.

Eyal, Naftali and Gil-Ad have been on my mind since the moment I heard about them getting kidnapped.

Shocked. That’s exactly what I was when only about 10-15 minutes later my roommate walked back into the kitchen with the horrific news that the three holy souls were found dead in a field only ten minutes from where they were kidnapped.

Sad. Almost instantly a deep sadness set in. I felt and feel sad not only for the parents and families and friends of these three young, holy souls, but also just for myself. I feel sad that these three boys were murdered. They were all my brothers and I feel sad and hurt. In the Jewish world, people constantly play a game called Jewish geography which basically consists of Jews naming other Jews from each other’s respective hometowns to prove how close and connected we all are. I was even further saddened shortly after hearing the original news of the kidnapping when I learned via friends and social media that Naftali Frenkel was the second cousin of a close childhood friend. This fact made it only even more real for me; as if that was what I needed, being someone who has stood multiple times at the exact same bus stop/hitching post from which these three holy souls were stolen.

Disgusted. I have been disgusted, but not in any way surprised by the despicable behavior on the part of anti-Israel, Antisemitic and many Arab and Muslim activists who have gone so far as to brazenly praise the unimaginable atrocity while simultaneously condemning Israel. There were pictures of little children flooding the internet holding up three fingers while smiling as a celebratory pose regarding their “victory”. Be it known to all that a large number of the representatives on the hypocritically named “Human Rights Council” of the UN are specifically included in the aforementioned group of base homo-sapiens.

Angry. I am most angry at the people of my country, Israel. While I was gladdened to see the unity present at the large rally for the hopeful return of the three holy souls last night in Tel-Aviv, I am angry at all those who allowed this atrocity to take place. Obviously I am angry at the terrorists and all of those supporting them. However, I am even angrier at all those involved who have been weak prior to and during these events. We call certain people leaders. Usually, this category includes “higher-ups” in the military and the government. However, so many have continued to capitulate and exclaim that we have partners for peace!!! Fools!

I am angry that these three holy souls could not make it home safely. What angers me about this is that the two murderers were not predators looking for young children to molest and dispose of as unfortunately there are in many societies. That would have been much harder to predict or prevent. This was a case of Israel being weak. This was a case where because many equate the children living over the imaginary green line to criminals; the government therefore allows for the endangerment of their lives by the sharing of roads with convicted terrorists.

Israel’s intelligence agency is supposed to be one of, if not the best in the world. This case probably could have been prevented had the proper intelligence been gathered. But it should never get that close. The government allows members of a self-declared terrorist organization guided by the goal of destroying Israel and obliterating all Jews to live, without any barriers, less than ten minutes away from my friends, my cousins and these three holy souls – my brothers.

Bibi, Bogy, Benny, Avigdor, and every other Israeli and Jew, the time has come to cut the crap. While this government has been for so long afraid to stand strong and actually lay the blow to these heinous terrorist organizations, which they have deserved. The time has come. We cannot live like this anymore. No other country in the world would allow for something as tragic as this to happen and let the perpetrators go unpunished. Hamas, the same organization responsible for this horrible crime, “officially” launched a rocket barrage last night and this morning. They are laughing in our faces. Our “best friend”, the United States of America, which previously declared Hamas a terrorist organization, has for the sake of what they think will bring them popularity, proclaimed that they will still negotiate with the new PA-Hamas unity government. They not only negotiated with terrorists for the trade of the American P.O.W., they now continue weakly down the evil, dark and twisted path of negotiating with terrorists and try to bring Israel down along with them.

It is time for the people of Israel and Jews around the world to unite as one and finally realize that we are our only true friends. We must be strong for ourselves because no one else will be strong for us. We must all turn to our brothers and sisters, and most importantly God, in this time of pain and gather our spirits to focus on strengthening from within. May the families be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem, and may Hashem avenge their blood.

About the Author
Chaim Seligman is a Law student at Bar-Ilan University, President of the BIU Model UN Society and works in the University’s External Relations Department; Originally from Florida, Chaim now lives in the Merkaz and enjoys life as a student in the Jewish Homeland; Chaim’s true passions are Israel and the Jewish Nation’s eternal success.