Should Europe’s Jews “go home” to Israel?

Benjamin Netanyahu urges Jews of Europe to “come home” to Israel. This raises a few eyebrows and high profile European leaders begin to argue that “Europe IS home to Jews”.

The French President, François Hollande, insisted last week that “Jews have a place in France”. The French PM Manuel Valls, at the same time, reiterated that “the home to all French Jews is France”. The German chancellor, Angela Merkel emphasised her country’s gratitude that Germany once again has Jewish life and vowed “to do everything possible to make sure Jewish sites were secure”. The Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt stated that “Danish Jews are integral part of the Danish community,” and that “the attacks against the Jews are attacks on all the citizens of Denmark.”

Despite the assurances of these important political figures, the Jews of Europe continue to be targeted on a daily basis by verbal and physical abuse, anti-Semitic graphite, hateful posts, desecration of Jewish graves, damages to Jewish shops, products and cultural institutions and besides all, the Jews in Europe are made to fear for their lives. The Jews of Europe operate in “prisons”, behind bars to perform ordinary Jewish cultural rites or teach their children.

The question remains whether Europe can and is able to protect its Jews, while Israel will definitely stand behind HIS PEOPLE.

About the Author
Ellina Zipman is a published poet, writer and academic. Ellina has a PhD in Positive ageing and education. Ellina’s poetry collection “Through My Jewish Eyes” was published by Poetica Publishing in 2021.