Should Israel have a sequestering too…?

The intimidating sequestering is all over the news particularly in the United States, obviously. There should be also a sequestering in the news of the American broadcast television networks which too often focus on subjects that are not really the most important ones to put it mildly. A sequestering could also be implemented outside the United States.
In Israel there is a trend of following and borrowing patterns and views from what many Israelis see as their mother ship i.e. the United States. It does not matter that most of the Israelis did not come from the United States and their knowledge about her is based on television, movies, newspapers, talking with others about it and at best short visits to the country which is Israel’s “foster parents”. For a lot of Israelis it is enough to assume and to hope that the United States has their back.
Beside that when Israelis look around them they observe American products. Even when the Israelis raise their heads to the sky they see the pride of the American military industry, the F- 15 and F- 16 jets, which are also the jewels in the crown of the Israeli air force. Furthermore for several decades now the Israeli military, society, politics etc. have been imitating and adapting in their local tribal environment American ideas and what they consider as American ideals (although some of Israel’s American ideals are considered by some Americans to be neither American nor ideals) So why not create an Israeli version of the sequestering?
Many in the United States believe their own sequestering was a terrible initiative to begin with, but this should not necessary stop the Israelis and might even encourage them! The Israelis know best what is good for them (except when they don’t). The Israelis could even upgrade it into a super sequestering.
The basic concept would be the same: take a burning issue and invent an artificial “solution” for it, which would be so awful that the leadership would have to cancel it and find a better alternative. After all, the Israelis gave their “A” game when they were under huge pressure, as their short and stormy history proved. Their history also proved the opposite. An example of both cases could be seen at the beginning of the 1973 showdown when Israel was caught unprepared and being attacked on two fronts simultaneously.
So what would be the Israeli sequestering?
Possibly – if there is no peace treaty with the Palestinians until a certain date – there could be a sequestering which would bring both sides to yield certain pointes no matter what. It does not mean necessarily to waive the right on part of their lands. It could be more like conceding on some of their traditional arguments that were just excuses not only to avoid talking with the other side but ironically also to accuse him for not agreeing to negotiate.
But maybe the Israelis first have to put their own house in order (it would be about time, would have been nice to get it over in the 80’ but better late than never). However, the Israelis should not be too greedy sequestering. They should not do away with their Middle Eastern mentality i.e. get rid of common approaches such as not to be very polite to each other. It would be like trying to do a sequestering of the Israeli summer for those who suffer from the heat there.
The goal of the Israeli sequestering should be within reach, like forcing a reduction in air pollution in cities like Tel Aviv even if people have to use more public transformation instead of their cars. Another option, a much more modest one is a sequestering of holiday dinners i.e. reducing the amount of food in order not to destroy people’s diets. Israelis could start with this. What could be better than endorsing an American concept while celebrating a Jewish holiday in Israel?

About the Author
Dr. Ehud Eilam has been dealing and studying Israel’s national security for more than 25 years. He served in the Israeli military and later on he worked for the Israeli Ministry of Defense. He is now a writer and an independent researcher. He has a Ph.D and he had published five books He lives now near Boston, MA. His email: