Should We Be Responding To Negative Posts?

Should we be responding to any of those negative posts about us? Isn’t this what these guys want us to do, spending time answering them, so it will keep us from getting on with our life? Are our answers going to change their minds? Even if it does, is it worth all the time, money and human capital entertaining these guys when it could be better spent on issues improving our lives, making our nation a better place to live and addressing human concerns that are so desperately needed? Proving them wrong, does not guarantee they are going to stop publishing lies about us. Then again maybe we should continue our effort to prove them wrong, because much of what they say is an incubator for incitement that ignites violence.

Should we give them the time of the day, or do we Ignore our adversaries, the hostility of the media against us, and refuse to pay them the slightest bit of attention? If we ignore them, they just might bang their heads against the wall. World leaders are attorney’s and they do as attorney’s do. They make statements and have their statements published in the media for no other reason than to keep their opponents from pursuing their daily functions. All they want to do is, disrupt and upset us, so we are distracted from functioning and cannot move ahead with our work, hoping to weaken us and our nation. When law firms keep cases going on for years with multiple depositions, motions, subpoenas, hearings and such they are hoping to wear down the other party into submission, and that is exactly what they are hoping they can do to us. Many of these issues have been going on since the beginning of time.

To world leaders and the media, we are not their client, they don’t represent us. They have no obligation to us. They won’t listen to us, no matter how many times something is explained to them, they answer us only with demands, they well understand we cannot accept. They make the same demands over and over again without allowing us to question their wisdom for us to meet their demands. They continue their demands, over and over because they don’t like the answers they received from us. You think that if we ask the same question over and over, at some point the answer will change into something we would want to hear. Their only interest is to keep the issue going, as to seemingly appear as progress is being made that would satisfy their client. So the question is again, what benefit would we have by keeping this narrative going?

They portray us as rude, demanding, pushy, arrogant, whiny, and annoying. By doing this they really have no interest in putting any of these issues to rest. This is not a good motivator for trying to help resolve issues. We do not have to repeatably defend our legitimization, there are international laws that do just that. Should we continue to correct their clams against us? Is it worth the time, money and human capital we are spending entertaining those on these issues or should we use it to remedy the many significant concerns that challenge us and our nation?

About the Author
Marty Mensch is a marketing professional, an activist, and a freelance writer. He hails from Ocean, NJ.