Shove That Shiv

Alright, no I am not speaking a foreign language in the classical sense. Rather I am employing terminology that best denotes the heinous criminal assaults on Israeli citizens by savage, knife wielding terrorists whose lust for Jewish blood is endless and all consuming. It is the very incitement of innocently born youth by protagonists of death that send these adolescent stalkers on the path leading to gore and carnage.

When I was growing up in my Bronx neighborhood, I had acquaintances whose futures were, in all but certainty, bound for the “university” (prison) to do a “stretch”( sentence) for using a “rod” (gun) to “whack” (murder) a “mark”(victim). As horrific as this seems, they all had one thing in common. it was never personal, it was just “business.” No, I personally, never took part in any of these activities, but suffice to say, I knew, as did all my other friends, that this was de rigeur in some locations.

The difference with these stabbing hoodlums in Israel today is that their aim IS PERSONAL.  They purposely seek out individuals with whom they have no acquaintance, no business dealings, no family ties, and worse, their victims are often, to them, nameless and faceless. The targets of their barbarism are only “guilty” of being Jewish Israelis. Men, women, children, even infants, are according to their butchery, fair game for their blades.

Of course, there are among us those who believe that these acts are merely akin to any criminality. Also, many of us feel that these attacks are just individual operations in an unending struggle against us by Arab gangs who want to destroy us. Another interpretation, however misguided, is that we must alleviate the causes that bring about the raison d’etre for the bloodletting on our streets and roads.

But what MUST be understood is that this war, and it is a war, make no doubt of that, is that the greatest and most heinous of criminal activity is aggressive war whether carried out by masses of armies or single acts by determined, evil agents of a sanguinary loving foe.

It does nothing positive to merely arrest and imprison those who stab our citizens. Countless criminals serve time in our prisons only to be released and then, lionized by the enemy. It does not serve our purpose to “neutralize” these thugs by merely wounding them and then, healing them. Sure, it is the merciful thing to do, but those who are merciful to the cruel will be cruel to those who deserve mercy.

The beasts who stalk our cities seeking innocents to stab must learn the lesson that one does not bring a knife to a gunfight. Their blades must be offset by our bullets and we must always note that rubber is for tires, not for cartridges. I am proud and gladdened that my fellow Israelis are finally waking up and arming up. The only way to stop a bad man with a gun is by a good man with a gun and this holds even more true for the vicious cretins who plunge their knives into the backs of their targets.

Oh, the title? The word “Shiv” is a term used, mostly in prisons, to define a homemade (cell-made) knife that can be made out of a toothbrush, nail file, popsicle stick or even a spoon to be used against prison guards, prisoners of a rival gang, or merely, anyone else. Some of them are quite ingenious, really. I suppose all those “shop” classes in high school did teach something after all.

“Shove” while a perfectly normal term is, in a scatological sense” used to denote forcefully implanting a given object into an uncomfortable position, usually in the lower cavity of one’s anatomy. So “Shove the Shiv” is exactly what we should do, as a first step, to those who attempt to wreak bloody havoc on our streets and roads. Maybe, as a first step before they can be. mercifully, shot dead. But then, we cannot be merciful to the cruel-that would be cruel to do to ourselves.

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.