Silent No Longer

Enough! I will no longer be silent. How can I be angry with Netanyahu for leaving God out at the UN when I often leave The Almighty out of my own exchanges?

Living in the public eye for a few years a while back, has caused me to weigh every action and word with an awareness of how it might bring someone closer to an understanding of God and the gift of His Torah. Always being careful, being ‘nice’.

This strategy is a luxury I and we as a nation cannot afford. Not at the expense of the lives of our brothers and sisters.

God gave the Torah to the Jewish people. God gave the physical land of Israel to the Jewish people. He has entrusted us to use both to be a moral compass for the the rest of the world. And we are failing miserably. The other nations are dissolving into chaos in front of our very eyes.

And WE are under attack both spiritually and physically.
We are being threatened as a nation because we are being silent as a nation.

I think we’ve been afraid to stand out, to speak up, to be noticed. Keeping our heads down, keeping quiet, we think will keep us safe. But it’s clearly not working.

And it’s embarrassing to call attention to ourselves. Our complacency, our infighting and lack of respect for each other. We are not doing our job! I think we may have forgotten what our job is.

Step number one. Acknowledge publicly Who put us here. Stand up proudly and say loudly and strongly,”The Torah keeps the world standing! This Holy Land of Israel is here to nurture the Jewish Nation so we can be a Light to the world! We say this in the Name of The Almighty God!”

SPEAK what we know. LIVE what we know.

I can still be ‘nice’ and I can still be ‘careful’ but from now on it will be in The Name of God.

About the Author
Chana Veffer is originally from Canada and has lived most of her adult life in Israel. She embraces life with a whole heart and looks for inspiration from the Jewish nation's history and all people.