Simchat Torah: Dancing for the Henkins

Together, the Henkins dedicated their life to Simchat Torah.

But how can we feel simcha (happiness) knowing how they died?

I suggest we focus on how they lived.

Humble, pious, dedicated, grateful…they didn’t wait for a special day to dance. For them, every day was a dance.

And so, with our new heart, we must dance….to honor them.


On Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, we give birth to a new reality.

On Sukkot, we try it on for size and begin to develop it…in safety, in protection.

On Simchat Torah, G-d wants one last dance with us… before we venture into the wilderness.

He wants us to dance with His Torah, His Bible, His blueprint for a life well lived.

He wants one more conversation before we leave His tent and enter ours.

Listen…He’s not going to leave us after the festivals are over…It’s just time stands still now…and after, well….it doesn’t.

It’s akin to those wedding weeks, or perhaps, the honeymoon…It’s concentrated, focused, intimate energy.

Sounds romantic? It is…..and what is more, more romantic than a poem.

So here is a recap of this whirlwind romance in verse…

Yep…it’s never easy…it was a time capsule….a few weeks of dense, penetrating, face to face contact…and it did feel like forever

An authentic relationship…in a world of illusion…to have that….something so real…who would want to go anywhere

The Horn blew, reminding us of a new day coming round the bend…the horn spoke….leave the shards and sparks behind…. you had lessons to learn, the world had lessons to learn…that’s done…now move towards something, anything……Divine

But…..we still had to take part in the Cleanse…..empty yourself, forgive yourself, empty yourself, forgive others…for real

We fessed up as honestly as we could …did the nitty gritty….so we could clear, breathe, and fill again…. a meeting of minds and heart

The past, the mistakes, the drama….gone like the lingering draft

It blew into our Dwellings…..because only they could contain our new life force….fresh, fearless, exuberant, unblemished…. altruistic and faithful

Ah, faith …that rekindled our majesty … we are children of the King….remember it

Faith that allowed us to look up at the stars and red blood moon with joy and reassurance… faith that allows us to keep, keeping on

But He doesn’t want us to leave…and why should He….does a fetus want to leave a womb….does a soul want to leave the Heavens…does a King want to leave the field

So He gives us one more chance…..without the horn, the cleanse, the dwelling…He says I still want intimacy….Hold my greatest gift to you….the broken tablets…the one’s you’re here to fix…and dance with them…with your new heart, your new mind, your new faith…hold tight to the scrolls….I’m your Father….and I want to have this last dance


I want to have this last dance…Why?

Because even though this is forever, this is a special time between us and the universe.

This Simchat Torah let us dance, let us be intimate…..let us be b’simcha…. in memory of the Henkins.

About the Author
Karen Wolfers Rapaport is an educator, therapist , writer, and proud mother. Leading groups throughout Israel, she integrates psychology, philosophy, and language instruction for college courses and clients that include the Office of the Prime Minister , Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics , Intel, OrCam Technologies and Yad Vashem. Karen is also a featured writer for several Jewish websites. She is passionate about unifying people from different cultural and religious backgrounds and creating transformative experiences.
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