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Similarities and differences between the COVID-19 pandemic and the AIDS epidemic

Some parallels are striking. Other points are strikingly different.

The AIDS epidemic only became real for most Americans when the professional artist, the first fake-it-till-you-make-it president, Ronald Reagan told America he had called his Hollywood colleague Ron Hudson, practically on his deathbed from AIDS. The real president was Nancy, his wife, who cut their closeted homosexual friend loose once it/he came out.

The COVID-19 pandemic, only became real for the US president, when the professional con artist, the second fake-it-till-you-make-it president, Donald Trump told America he had called his Manhattan real-estate mogul colleague Stanley Chera, practically on his deathbed from COVID-19. His friend was a Syrian Jewish-American and Trump felt friendly toward Jews.


The AIDS-virus was not as contagious as the Flu. You had to have blood-contact with an infected person to get it. Getting infected was a death sentence. It took decades to find medication that would stop the infection and even prevent it. A vaccine was never found. Tens of millions of people died from it. Mostly younger people — the sexually active. Human survival was never threatened as it spared couples if both were practicing safe sex.

The COVID-19-virus was not as contagious as the Flu. You had to have close air-contact or shake hands (or consecutively touch — doorknob) with an infected person to get it. Getting infected gave you an 80%-99% chance at healing depending on age, health, and the available quality of medical care. As of now, it is unclear when and if medication to stop the infection and even prevent it, will ever be found. Vaccine, same story. So far, over a hundred thousand have died from it. Mostly, the elderly and frail. Human survival was never threatened as it would kill maximally 5% of all people.


Initially baptized a Gay disease, having it, was a scandal to many. Straights often felt immune (they weren’t). The dying were shunned, cared for by Lesbians. Research started only after GLT demonstrations turned violent.

Initially called a danger to the old, having it, evoked much empathy. The young often felt immune (they weren’t). The elderly were inundated with attention. Research directly started on an unprecedented worldwide scale.


Whole communities were killed. Especially in San Francisco and New York. Sometimes there was no one to go to the funeral. The gay Gay life ended.

At some times, diseased were buried in mass graves. Especially in New York. Most people were not allowed to go to the funeral. Public life ended.


Dr. Anthony Fauci spoke with Fox News and emphasized that you should not compare AIDS and COVID-19. He’s not a linguist but the media should have translated his statement into what he meant: That you shouldn’t confuse the two. Comparing is simply excellent because then you can both find similarities and glaring differences. As I demonstrated above.

The last paragraph was added on April 17, 2020.

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