Simulation or reality?

‘Iranian TV airs simulated bombing of Tel Aviv, US aircraft carrier’                                   Times of Israel: February 8, 2014

This is, no doubt, meant to be a sombre warning from Iranian authorities to both the large and the little Satan. And yet, if one were to look at it in a more positive manner, simulated warfare must, by its very nature, be far easier to fight and endure than that of the real thing. And a damn sight less expensive in every possible way.

So, if we were all, henceforth, to somehow confine ourselves to this method of settling whatever differences exist between nation states, the world would be a much safer place and the benefits to mankind in general might reach limits never before imagined in all of its long and ‘colourful’ history.

But, if so radical and unconventional a procedure were to become active within the thoughts and considerations of enough human beings, then its application to an actual conflict with this approach in mind could see the concept becoming the default position for all others of a similar stripe.

Where does one find such a conflict and the means whereby this strategy can be demonstrated to a world yet to be persuaded by such novelty and new-found tactics?

One thing about conflicts is that we are rarely at a loss in locating them.

What a strange irony it would be if a regime, not internationally renowned for its preoccupation with peace, were to be the inspiration for an entirely new and non-violent form of warfare. It would also make it so much harder to justify the enormous drain on resources that all previous preparations and forays into battle have exacted from people in general.

There’s nothing like ending this sort of thing in some style. And not having to pick up so many of the pieces when it is finally over.



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