Ron Diller


Do we really care if this weak, cowardly, scoundrel, weak, terrorist who is responsible for the thousands of deaths of Gazans and the destruction of their homes, if he’s living in one of his tunnels or if he managed to escape to another country.

It’s not even a remote possibility that he won’t be found. We’ll get him alive or dead.

Israel can get anyone, any place at any time of their choosing. It doesn’t matter if he’s in Iran or other terror countries – he’ll be found. The best thing.

After all the work of the IDF, we cannot give up and must eradicate the Hamas and their evil from Gaza. We cannot cave to world pressures who are craving for a cease fire – this would spell Israel’s defeat and Hamas victory. Any victory would only embolden these crazy lunatics to attack more and more but this time worldwide.

You must listen to this Bedouin woman, an Israeli, who grew up in a typical Bedouin home where her mother still doesn’t know how to read or write. She overcame this fear and has now earned an MS in engineering from Stanford University.

Listen to her speak on this YouTube clip – it tells the real story coming from a Muslim woman living in Israel.

Now we heard that Hamas is looking for a replacement for Sinwar. He’s a dead man living and Hamas sounds like they gave him the boot. I’m sure he has enough stolen money to pay off other countries that host terrorists to try and escape his ultimate annihilation.

Time is not on his side and eventually, Sinwar will be “yesterday’s newspaper.”

Museb Hassan Yousef, otherwise known as the “Green Prince” interviewed with i24 news in Israel and said, “Sinwar, known as the “Butcher of Khan Yunis,” brutalized his fellow Palestinians, strangling and even beheading them, calling him a “self-deluded psychopath, dangerous criminal.”

Need I say more…..

About the Author
Ron Diller lives in Israel with his family of four children.