Sirens, and Rockets, and Missiles, OH MY


When will our soldiers return home?

We long for freedom, we pray for salvation and we continue to wait for a new and brighter dawn. 

Oh Israel, we will never abandon you.


I watch as panelists join talk show hosts to offer opinions on our war. It’s a frustrating thing; I want to turn the television off, only I can’t seem to look away.

What do they know? Nothing. They know nothing.

Men who are self-proclaimed experts, women who call themselves journalists and men whose titles read as, “leaders”.

Press, politics, and presidents. Welcome to 2014.

Yet, one cannot explain something to someone who cannot and will not ever understand.

Our current President of the United States of America, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama– cannot and will not ever understand what we so clearly know and have always understood.

The truth. 

He will never understand that there is no bargaining with a terrorist entity who celebrates our bloodshed; he will never understand that this story of hatred is an old story; one that has already been written for us so many years ago. He will never understand our pain, nor can he comprehend our unshakable fear. He will never understand that for as long as we continue to breathe, there are terrorists who lay in wait, flanked by rockets and missiles, prepared and yearning to destroy us all.

They are animals and we are their prey. They are starving for genocide and we are their target. They carry guns and we carry our interminable belief in G-d.

How can a president who has funded Hamas with $147 million on “humanitarian grounds” and is set to continue to fund jihadists with a yearly $500 million allowance feasibly understand?

Congratulations, Mr. President, you’re enabling terrorists not only to survive, but to truly thrive. How can you continue to look us in the eye and tell us that you sympathize with us and share in our heartfelt condolences–when for 18 days after 3 of our own went missing, the only noise sounding from “our president” was an all too telling deafening silence?

How can he call himself a protector and a leader?

When a president turns his back on his own nation, how can we turn toward him?

Say hello to our President’s newest PayPal buddies: a deplorable by-product of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas. Together, these barbaric cold-blooded animals form a death squad; painting Jerusalem a hideous red, littering explosives throughout the country and leaving us uncertain as to when and where the next round of shoddy rockets are going to fall through the sky and into Jerusalem’s backyard. Camouflaging themselves at the heels of their own human shields while Israeli fathers lay body bridges over their children, Hamas defines narcissism to the tune of vociferous blasts.

It’s a numbing reality when there are rockets being launched by terrorists every 10 minutes over blaring sirens and there’s nothing we can do to stop them. It’s a numbing reality when our own national leader declares that Israel show restraint, thereby allowing rockets to continue to threaten the lives of our brethren.

How can we show restraint when our enemies absolutely insist on playing revolting rounds of missile tennis?

The undeniable difference between us and these terrorist annihilating dreamers is that while we Jews rejoice in peace, they see peace within brutality. While we pray for a silent Israel, they dispel our longing for calm with their own chanting for our extermination.

Murder signifies peace for Hamas, gunshots and bombings are all they know. For Hamas, each new hit serves as an opportunity: an opportunity to validate their organization as the leading opposition.

Our elimination is their finish line.

Mr. President, if I speak really slowly will you understand? This war isn’t a war that is ever going to end by remaining a convenient observer. These are the bad guys, Mr. President, and they hate us because we exist.

Make no mistake; we do not have a president who stands by us in the face of adversity- to protect and to defend our people. We have a president who simply stands by.

We are back in the ghettos. Only now, we refuse to follow the rules. Now, we refuse to surrender. This time around, we are in charge.

All we have are our prayers, our undying belief in G-d and our relentless determination to stay alive.

You cannot explain something to someone who cannot and will never understand.

The panelists mumble and nod, the hosts smiles and gesture. I turn the television off.

We are on our own.

We are unstoppable.

About the Author
Mimi Minsky was born in Canada, raised in Miami, married in Brooklyn, and two years ago she traded in the hustle of the city life for tame Suburban life in Connecticut. She has known she was a writer from the moment she composed an epic poem about a lone whale in the third grade. A magazine columnist and expert copywriter, she writes about everything from real estate to fashion. She is addicted to her family, coffee, and words.