Madam Fortuna apparently didn’t sleep well last night. She was up sending me emails! Here goes!

1. Neither Biden nor Kamala will run again. The deal (fix) will be that he stays (stumbles) as long as he can (until he can’t read the jumbo TelePrompTer) then resign. Kamala will take the oath as president and promptly pardon Biden and his family (syndicate).

2. The Democratic race will include Governors Newsom, Pritzger, Whitman and whatever transgender woman of color they can find.

3. The New York judge overseeing the Trump civil fraud trial will retire after the proceedings, write a book called “Why I Turned Down a Role in Mel Brook’s “Frankenstein” (joke) and put out a series of exercise videos,

4. Musk will not fight Zuckerberg.

I wrote Madam Fortuna back and asked if the Iranian people will overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran, world sponsor of terrorism, enabler of war after war but she didn’t respond. She was equally silent when asked if anyone would be punished for the media/government’s cover up of Biden.

Sometimes the lines between Madam Fortuna and your devoted servant, blur.

Maybe we don’t want to admit the truth.

Now, we both will lose sleep.

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