Slow dance

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The peace dance here has always thrown up issues with coordination whenever it’s time for any of the ‘partners’ to take to the floor. Everyone quickly gets so far out of sync with the music that it all becomes far too painful to watch. The result is usually a rapid disconnect which leaves each dancer doing very much his or her own thing, doing it badly and providing no entertainment value whatsoever.

Is the problem then with the dancers, the audience, the dance hall or the music?

Well, we can’t very well change the dancers or the audience. The dance hall itself seems serviceable enough, remaining virtually the same except for the occasional change in location now and then.

That would tend to leave only the music as the odd one out.

Perhaps it might be better received by all concerned if this were to be slowed way, way down, slow enough for everyone, young and old, to take part.  Switching to a much smoother rhythm, having a more relaxed tempo might then make it  a standard at so many other such venues throughout the entire world.

Anyone can be persuaded to dance to this tune. Really, it will very likely go viral once we all start getting into it.

(memo to self: check out possibility of royalties sometime soon.)


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