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Smotrich Enables Lease for Life to “PAY FOR SLAY”.

This week, a news story rocked the media: The new Israel Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich cut Israel funds to the PA , commensurate with the amount of funds that the PLO grants to those who have murdered Jews and to the families of their killers

These grants are processed accordance with the PA “pay for slay” law. While it is known that the PLO pays killers, few people know that this is according to a statute of the PLO.

Incentivizing Terrorism: Palestinian Authority Allocations to Terrorists and their Families

Smotrich stipulated that all PLO funds allocated to killers must now be allocated to the families of their victims, leaving the world with the impression that a new policy of the Israel Minister of Finance had put the "coups de grace" on the unprecedented law of the PLO which is that if you kill a Jew, you get a salary for life, and that if you die in the process of murdering a Jew, your family receives a salary for life.

However, this is hardly the end of "Pay to Slay"

Smotrich has not yet respond to key questions.

The more people who ask these questions of the government of Israel, the better.

*Why does the government of Israel not demand that the PLO repeal its "Pay for Slay" law?

*Why does the government of Israel not demand that 135 nations who finance the PLO now demand that aid to the Palestine Authority be conditional on repeal of the "Pay for Slay"?

*Will the government of Israel not issue an order to the Bank of Israel to stop processing funds for those who murder Jews?

*What punitive measures will the government of Israel take against those who forward bank funds as an gratuity for those who murder Jews?

Conclusion: Unless Israel amends his actions, Finance Minister Smotrich has granted PAY FOR SLAY a new release for life.

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