Drag shows for children?

Welcome to Woke America.

For many, drag shows are a parody of women.

How many females spend their waking lives toiling with their hair and make-up and fussing around in streetwalker clothes?

Juvenile drag shows sexualize children and erode their innate boundaries.

The performances (often consisting of amplified shrieking and strutting) have been held in public schools.

Videos reveal parents whooping it up and confused and intimidated children being coaxed into putting dollar bills in the spangled costumes of 6′ 4″ men.

Meanwhile, in Japan, elementary school children have a 6.5 hour day, followed by two hours of homework. While in school, they clean their classrooms, serve lunch and even clean the toilets.

China’s children are learning algebra and geometry.

French fifth-graders read Moliere

According to a 2017 Pew Research Center report on international math and science assessments, American students “continue to rank around the middle of the pack behind many other advanced industrialized nations.” In Dallas, TX, however, they did get to recently watch men perform in drag under a pink neon “It won’t lick itself” sign. There are commercial venues as well.

There are three in my local city, population 116,000.

Gender warriors don’t wait until the age of consent.

It would be too late.

They like them young.

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